Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Heroes of the Times

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Heroes of the Times is a Hero Arena map for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. The game features characters from different Final Fantasy games and centers on a great conflict between Cosmos, goddess of harmony, and Chaos, the god of discord. The two summon multiple warriors to fight for their sides in their thirteenth war.

The map featured classic, quick paced Hero Arena playstyle with various voice clips each time your character using their abilities. As a team battle arena, you need to score points into certain number in order to win the game. AI is featured, so it's possible for you to play against computer.

Playable Characters
There are over 16 memorable characters from final fantasy franchise available to play, as well as 1 secret character to unlock. Play as the hero, or the villain from famous final fantasy franchise!
Warriors of Cosmos: Firion (FF II), Cecil (FF IV), Terra (FF VI), Cloud (FF VII), Squall (FF VIII), Zidane (FF IX) and Tidus (FF X)
Warriors of Chaos: Garland (FF I), Cloud of Darkness (FF III), Exdeath (FF V), Kefka (FF IV), Sephiroth (FF VII), Ultimecia (FF VIII), Kuja (FF IX), Jecht (FF X) and Gabranth (FF XII)

Arena Dungeon
To reduce boredom and make the game more enjoyable, player can also explore huge-optional dungeon area named Dimensional Castle of the Rift, inspired from final dungeon in original Final Fantasy V with it's original bosses Demons of the Rift included. 3 of them is available to be summoned into arena and fight as an arena boss, while the others are can be found inside the castle.

At the end of the Rift dungeon, you'll find a portal that acces to The Edge of Madness: A place where Chaos and it's manikins forces lies (with over 5 manikin from warrior of chaos). There is also another optional boss if Chaos doesn't challenging enough for you to defeat - it's Shinryu with his deadly Atomic Bomb signature attack! His lair could be acces on upper portal on the arena.

Preview Screenshot (Old and New)

Preview #1
Preview #2
Preview #3
Preview #4
Preview #5
Preview #6
Preview #7
Preview #8
Preview #9
Preview #10

Latest Version
This map is still on BETA version and still far from finish, so I believe there is still many bugs, flaws and imbalance on this map. Any suggestion or idea to make this map more interesting to play would be appreciated.

Download the latest EX Edition
version here: Click Me!