Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World of Warcraft: Heroes Return

World of Warcraft: Heroes Return is an epic total conversion project that inspired from original World of Warcraft franchise that developed by Blizzard Entertainment. I'm trying to made the 1st ever WoW total conversion in multiplayer ORPG version (as I haven't seen any). As an ORPG, the project is designed to be played by multiplayer in order to experience a better result playing the game. My aim on this project is to create a simple yet fancy and fun gameplay with eye catching fantasy-like terrain and effect that able to made the players has a World of Warcraft feeling when playing the game.

Available Classes
There are currently 12 available classes from original World of Warcraft available, 10 playable classes and 2 iconic characters from Warcraft III history as a secret characters: Arthas Menethil and Grom Hellscream which can be played by entering a secret code that you can get as you play the game further. Play as certain classes from World of Warcraft or as a classic character of legend. You decide your role as the new Heroes of Azeroth! Character model and abilities concept might be changed anytime as the progress updated.

Left to Right: Warrior (Arms), Paladin (Protection), Death Knight (Frost) and Death Knight (Blood)
Left to Right: Rogue (Assasination), Hunter (Survival) and Hunter (Marksmanship)
Left to Right: Mage (Frost), Mage (Fire) and Priest (Holy)
Arthas Menethil (Paladin) and Grom Hellscream (Warrior)

Some attachments in-game
♦ Total Conversion
With most materials (which has been massively poly reduced by myself into the lowest size) imported from World of Warcraft, to make the player experience the World of Warcraft feeling when playing the game!

♦ Cataclysm Themed, Detailed Terrain
Explore the world from a dreamy forest, into a foggy land of the past, with a cracking lava over the lands caused by Deathwing's Wrath previously known as "The Cataclysm".

♦ Interactive NPC
You can interact with each NPC you've meet. From talking blab, listening to a short lore, or even gaining information about some game secrets.

♦ Custom Weapon and Shield Attachment
Bored of unchangeable weapon on previous version? You can change your weapon and shield attachment visual now as your items. More than 30 fancy World of Warcraft weapon and shield attachments with lowpoly revised!

♦ Developed Creeps
Each creeps has their own status differently, as well as their own abilities. Creeps type divided into 4: Normal, Dungeon, Elite and Boss.

♦ Dungeon
No RPG would be complete without a dungeon, dungeon enemies drops more valuable items than non-dungeon enemies. You can go further into depth of dungeon by removing invisible pathing blocker by defeating each Bosses.

♦ Challenging Bosses
Even more challenging and almost not possible if you challenge them alone! But could be possibly swiftly defeated when you fought them with other players.

♦ More Than 200 Items
From common Tier 1 item to a legendary tier 8 item to collect with colored tooltips description, more higher the creeps classification that you kill, more higher the item tier you'll get.

♦ And More!

Terrain Art
Explore the world from a dreamy forest, into a foggy land of the past, with a cracking lava over the lands caused by Deathwing's Wrath previously known as "The Cataclysm". Here are some sneak peek of the current terrain so far. These terrain design might be change and improved from time to time as the project progressing by.

Darkfang Forest - Current Looks
Everafter Forest - Current Looks
Loversdale - Current Looks
Warsong Hills - Current Looks
Seoulia - Current Looks
Molten Core: Lair of the Firelords - Current Looks
Nerubian Kingdom: Lair of the Fallen King - Current Looks

Current Cover
World of Warcraft: Heroes Return version 1.2 released on August 17th, 2014 with these following changelogs. You can also download the project in Hive Workshop and MODDB.

Latest Version Release Date: August 17th, 2014
Current Map Size: 6,7 MB