Friday, September 11, 2015

Digimon: Allstar Legends

The first anime project that I released on 2015, as well as a sister project of Digimon World: Re-Evolution that I developed since months ago along with it, Digimon: Allstar Legends is a total conversion battle arena project based off from epic childhood franchise, Digimon. Set the endless battle in a non-mainstream digital themed battlefield, or even challenge certain powerful Bosses to unlock their codes. And of course, AI is also included for fun!

Originally, I create this project because there isn't any official digimon game (Digimon Rumble Arena series) with various of playable characters released yet - mostly because Bandai focusing Digimon franchise in RPGs, therefore I just create my own version by myself for fun. Estimatedly, I plan to include 40 playable characters including secrets and some around 2 or 3 cameo characters from Pokemon for spicing up.

In-game Preview #1
In-game Preview #2
In-game Preview #3
In-game Preview #4
In-game Preview #5

Well I hope you guys have fun. Happy September, people!

Version 1,0 Cover
Download Version 1.0
First release version 1.0 released on September, 12th 2015. Enter the fully sounded, total conversion Digimon arena battlefield!

Latest Release Date: September 12th, 2015
Current Map Size: 4,5 MB