Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage

"There is no ending in voyage of fantasy."
— Tagline

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage is a free-will multiplayer Open Role Playing Game (ORPG) which I develop. Because of my dear to Final Fantasy series, I'd love to create some memorable pleaces from Final Fantasy series for a little nostalgia with the old FF times. (Party ATB feature outcluded)
Each heroes excusively have their own voice clip from Dissidia Final Fantasy itself to make them more alive in game.

Playable Characters
Heroes Side: Warriors of Cosmos

Firion, The Weapons Specialist
"A virtuous youth who seeks to end conflict. He uses the nostalgic phrase "Wild Rose" as a source of motivation."
— Description

Firion Complete Information: Click Me!

Cecil Harvey, The Split Soul
"A kind-hearted knight wielding both the powers of light and darkness, he prizes the bonds with his allies that at times are the cause of his doubts."
— Description

Cecil Complete Information: Click Me!

Terra Branford, The Esperkin
"A pure, innocent girl born with the power of magic."
— Description

Terra Complete Information: Click Me!

Cloud Strife, The Buster Basher
"An acerbic young swordsman with glowing eyes who wields a blade as large as he is."
— Description

Cloud Complete Information: Click Me!

Squall Leonhart, The Relentless Revolver
"A cold, taciturn youth who wields a gunblade, a weapon part sword, part gun."
— Description

Squall Complete Information: Click Me!

Zidane Tribal, The Aerial Ace
"A thief with great energy and a sharp wit, though all is lost when it comes to women."
— Description

Zidane Complete Information: Click Me!

Tidus, The Spry Striker
"A light-hearted, cheerful youth able to calm others even through the most trying situations."
— Description

Tidus Complete Information: Click Me!

Villains Side: Warriors of Chaos

Garland, The Nemesis
"A stalwart consigned to the endless cycle of battle, he enjoys dueling with stronger foes."
— Description

Garland Complete Information: Click Me!

Emperor Mateus, The Trap Master
"A callous monarch who views all as mere pawns in his attempts to rule over the world."
— Description

Emperor Mateus Complete Information: Click Me!

Cloud of Darkness, The Bane of Life
"An existence that wishes for all to return to nothingness. She has transcended the abstract and is the embodiment of fear."
— Description

Cloud of Darkness Complete Information: Click Me!

Exdeath, The Entropic Adversary
"A magus of supreme darkness, born from a great evil sealed into a tree."
— Description

Exdeath Complete Information: Click Me!

Sephiroth, The Focused Blade
"A legendary member of SOLDIER once revered as a hero."
— Description

Sephiroth Complete Information: Click Me!

Ultimecia, The Sorcerous Fusileer
"A powerful sorceress possessing a deep-seated rage and the ability to control space and time."
— Description

Ultimecia Complete Information: Click Me!

Kuja, The Graceful Glider
"A sadistic, narcissistic silver-haired man of a delicate, epicene beauty."
— Description

Kuja Complete Information: Click Me!

Jecht, The Brutal Blitzer
"A former blitzball star, and Tidus's father. His surly and rough-spoken nature belie a much gentler heart."
— Description

Jecht Complete Information: Click Me!

Gabranth, The Executioner
"A warrior who swears his life to those he trusts."
— Description

Gabranth Complete Information: Click Me!

Area Info
In the beginning of game after player pick selection, player can choose 1 of 3 starting area. There is currently 2 huge island with 5 diffrent region (around middle area is still empty, I planned to make it for Mysidia (FF II), Rabanastre (FF XII), or a Dark Hole area that suck up whatever it comes near that (Auto-Dead whenever player enter that region)
As it's said above, this map is featuring a different pleaces from Final Fantasy series that an FF fan definitely know.
Final Dungeon is usually a big and long dungeon that kinda labyrinth; like in original FF I, II and III with 2 times powerful enemies and a powerful version of Villain Heroes as a BOSS inside of it.

Enemies Difficulty
I have my own formula development for every creeps depends of it's type. Creeps here are not weak either not imbalancely strong. They do also cast spells and have passive ability. Use potion whenever battle them!
- Normal Enemy: Normal. Their signature color is yellow. (Can be found everywhere on World Map.)
- Dungeon Enemy: 2 Times Stronger than Normal Creeps. Their signature color is orange. (Can be found only on Dungeon/Final Dungeon)
- Mini-BOSS: 3 Times Stronger than Normal Creeps. Their signature color is light red. (Can be found in Dungeon area. In Final Dungeon, they usually placed 1 in each floor/area.)
- BOSS: 4 Times Stronger than Normal Creeps. Their signature color is red. (Only can be found at last area of Final Dungeon. Yes, the stronger version of Villain heroes!)

In-Game Preview Screenshot

The Next Production
There is Role Playing Game (RPG) version called Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage 2. In Warriors Voyage 2, you have to follow the storyline in order to complete the game. There is 5 new character for Warriors Voyage 2, however, only Warriors of Cosmos is playable on this version because Warriors of Chaos themselves will be the main villains which you can found along your journey.

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  2. when will u be finishing this project?

  3. Woah!...this one is so addictive....your incredible man!..your v1.1 is good..

  4. when will you be finishing this project?

  5. hey, is this already playable? if so, where can I download it? :) thanks

  6. where can I download this please tell me or is it not out yet I wish for your immediate reply thanks :D

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  9. it would be cool if Dark Knight Cecil is created as a playable character

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  11. hey!!!! when will you be finishing this project?? please respond!!!! i want it!!!!! xD

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