Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dota 2: Open Role Playing Game

Dota 2: Open Role Playing Game is a Warcraft III map that I developed for fun. Perhaps this may sound absurd, but I got a random idea to develop Dota 2 in orpg version, I thought of typical but fun gameplay with fancy graphic. I'm making this map as a fanmade of the original game Dota 2 that developed by IceFrog and Valve, no copyright infringement intended. DotA itself is stand for Defense of the Ancient. This quick development of alpha release is just for testing purpose. Any feedback to improve the project is really appreciated.

Current Available Hero
Only few hero currently are available, I pick the role that does suit for generic orpg that you usually played in this early release. And of course, more Hero will be available in the future release!

Sven, Rogue Knight
Sven is the bastard son of a Vigil Knight, born of a Pallid Meranth, raised in the Shadeshore Ruins. With his father executed for violating the Vigil Codex, and his mother shunned by her wild race, Sven believes that honor is to be found in no social order--but only in himself. After tending his mother through a lingering death, he offered himself as a novice to the Vigil Knights, never revealing his identity.

Hero Type: Strength

Lyralei, Windrunner
The western forests guard their secrets well. One of these is Lyralei, master archer of the wood, and favored godchild of the wind. Known now as Windrunner, Lyralei's family was killed in a storm on the night of her birth--their house blown down by the gale, contents scattered to the winds. Windrunner fires her arrows true to their targets. She moves with blinding speed, as if hastened by a wind ever at her back.

Hero Type: Agility

Rylai Crestfal, Crystal Maiden
Born in a temperate realm, raised with her fiery older sister Lina, Rylai the Crystal Maiden soon found that her innate elemental affinity to ice created trouble for all those around her. Rylai found herself banished to the cold northern realm of Icewrack, where she was taken in by an Ice Wizard who had carved himself a hermitage at the crown of the Blueheart Glacier.

Hero Type: Intelligence

Purist Thunderwrath, Omniknight
Purist Thunderwrath was a hard-fighting, road-worn, deeply committed knight, sworn to the order in which he had grown up as squire to elder knights of great reputation. He had spent his entire life in the service of the Omniscience, the All Seeing One. There can be no question that the glorious powers that imbue him, and give his companions such strength in battle, are real beyond any doubt.

Hero Type: Strength

System Feature
Currently only few. At the moment, I'm not intend to include something that need a long time to finish such as fullscreen inventory system - since I intend to make a quick development for this early alpha release, so people able to test it by themselves. but in the future, I probably will include more advance systems, at least before version 1.0 is out which is not either alpha or beta. Fancy and advance hero pick system is implied in the project for this early alpha release, since I'm not really interested on typical tavern pick for this map.

Each player is started in the game as enemies, so expect PvP battleground when player out from city (player get invulnerability while staying in the city). But don't panic, if you desire, you can make alliance with other player as well (Check F9 in the game for more info and command).

4 recent ingame screenshots for this early alpha release. I black masked the minimap to avoiding the early map spoiler. World of Warcraft is actually what inspire me on the Terrain.

Since I'll be busy from this week forward, I've decided to release an alpha version of this map so at least people able to test the map. This early alpha release is developed around 2 weeks of my october boredom, taking a break from developing my huge fanmade project Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic.

Please note that this version is for testing purpose and far from final version. More content will be coming in the future! Download the 1st early alpha release here.
Current Map Size is around 3.6 MB.

Note: Added quick update version 0.1b with multiplayer issue fixed.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Month of Revision! [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

September is almost over. Time flies? indeed, I couldn't deny if it really is. Speaking of progress, beside new characters that I announce and complete this month such as Lucy, Gray and Racer. What I spend mostly on this month for the project is fixing bugs, bugs and bugs. Also making revision on previous characters visually, as well as trying to improve and balancing them. Erza is so far the most time-taking character to develop since recently I give her 5 different variation for her Hyper Mode, which mean 5 different variation of Hyper Strike as well. In fact, I still haven't finished on coding her 5 variations of Hyper Strike yet. Did I mention that animating her 5 Hyper Mode form variations is also could be boredom as well? lol

Visual Revision
Since one of my goal in the project is also making something catchy and visually eye-candy as best as I can, maybe that can explain why I'm more often revising stuff recently. By I mean eye candy, don't expect me to use spam effects that can rape your eyes with enormous flash of light that come out from your monitor. No, I won't. I would be more into something simple minimalist to average gorgeousness effect that catchy enough to see. So here is some sneak peek revision of some character's main magic ability on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Since I know you may be bored to see I'm testing the characters on grassland area (which is even still WIP) often, I decided to testing on Dragon's Den from now on (with me reducing the status for Ancient Golem of course and making it for testing purpose only - not using the actual status that they have).

Natsu's Dragon Iron Fist revision
Gajeel's Iron Dragon Club Fist revision
Erza's Slice and Dice revision
Mystogan's Mirror Water revision
Cana's Explosion revision
Juvia's Water Slicer revision

Juvia is one of the character that I think I still need alot of visual revision to work on, each time I found the actual effect from series is quite complicated, I'd go with my own original version of effect (but still trying to be similar, unless it's not possible - or I found that my original version is more catchier).

Enemy Spotlight: Ancient Golem
"An ancient, magical creature that created from rocks. Ancient Golem known for it's magic resistance that able to reduce magic damage that targetted on them. This variation of Golem can be often found exclusively on tier 1 of Dragon's Den area."
— Description

I wouldn't reveal enemy creature often but, here's I introduce you Ancient Golem. Custom variated Golem that I made exclusively to be placed on Dragon's Den dungeon. I made his texture quite similar with the rock texture on Dragon's Den itself, same goes with the crystals that implanted on his rock body to make him bend well with environment he's in. Since he's in 5 star difficult dungeon like Dragon's Den, he's stronger than common Golem-kind creature that you often found around the open area. Perhaps Ancient Golem may even give adventurer trouble before they able to face any ancient dragons that lies deep in the dungeon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ride the Wind [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Happy weekend everyone! Sorry for late update and almost didn't post anything for more than a week on this blog. I couldn't write any progress on my blog for some reasons, one of the reason is because I'm quite busy recently (between busy working and busy partying, obviously) so I don't have much time for blogging. But there is a good news that I can tell, yesterday I'm able to complete another long waited character from Oracion Seis guild, Racer for my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Sorry but, I'm not intend to reveal his Hyper Strike yet, you will know how it looks like when the project is finally able to be publicy released, but I can guarantee that Racer fans will definitely love it!

Magic Abilities: Slowing Magic
We all know that behind his title as the Unholy Flash, his magic was originally believed to be capable of drastically enhancing Racer’s own speed. His true magic way of work is in fact, Slowing Magic, true to its name, is later revealed to be a time-affecting magic, changing the way its targets perceive time, slowing down his enemies movement and make Racer himself looks like moving like a flash that not even Valentino Rossi able to beat, and thus allowing him to attack freely before they get a chance to counter. Wheel Rush and Gear Change: Red Zone is Racer main magic ability of choice that available on this game.

Who need a workshop if you can summon a wheel by yourself?
Red Zone being charged

Due to his self proclaimed unholy speed that he use when attack enemy (even faster than any of fast food that you could ever made), his main magic has a chance to stun enemy when they get hit by it. His Wheel Rush make him able to summon a single high spinning wheel to appear out of nowhere and move towards the target at high speed and attack a single target enemy. Gear Change: Red Zone may require him 3 seconds of casting time, but it feature him to attack a single target enemy for five times. Damage deal for each hit is based from Racer's base damage.

Hyper Mode: Dead Grand Prix
"Why walk when you can ride?" that quoted words from a master piece complex sci-fi RPG developer, RDZ blog perhaps can describe about Racer's Hyper Mode. Racer's Hyper Mode of choice is Dead Grand Prix, Racer raises one arm and calls out for the Dead Grand Prix to begin. Racer is capable of both riding a motorcycle and controlling it remotely, and the one he riding upon came equipped with a multi-barreled magical gun capable of rapid firing on its side, making his attack become long-ranged. Racer described this magic as a "Motor Show from Hell".

Racer is currently the only (or probably would be indeed, the only one) character that ride a vehicle on his Hyper Mode form. While in Hyper Mode, Racer will gain bonus movement speed (obviously because he ride a vehicle) and increase his evade rate by 30%.

I was have no idea how should I made the attack animations for his Hyper Mode when he ride a motorcycle. On the first time, I was like "how about to make him punch like in oldschool game Road Rash?" But later, I realize that, why should punch when his motorcycle is equipped with a multi-barreled magical gun and able to shoot enemy with it? Thus, his Hyper Mode attack decided to become a long ranged attack.

Beside movement speed, evade rate and long ranged bonus, what else Racer's Hyper Mode provide? If in his normal state, Racer's Wheel Rush able to summon a single wheel and throw it to his enemy (which is not recommended to try in real life), in Hyper Mode he able to summon three wheels which mean, he can throw a wheel three times to his targeted enemy.

Because three is better than one

Monday, September 10, 2012

Erza's Hyper Mode: Requip! [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Five variations for a single character's Hyper Mode = Five times effort and time to spend on. That was what I thought when I developing Erza's Hyper Mode. I always appreciate each of feedback from people and dear reader to improve the project, if it does fit I would happily include it on the project. And so because of that - due to some people request to include other amor of Erza beside her Heaven's Wheel armor, I have to develop her in a different way. She is currently the only character in the game who has variety on her Hyper Mode. Since Erza is personally my favorite character ever since the beginning, I don't mind to develop her Hyper Mode in a different way than other character.

Requip: The Knight!
Beside Heaven's Wheel, her Hyper Mode is also provide her other armor to Requip randomly when Erza activate her Hyper Mode state. Each of her armor form contain different effect on her Hyper Mode and also has their own respective Hyper Strike on each of her armor. Here we go with each of Erza's Hyper Mode armor variety and it's effect that available on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project:

Requip: The Knight - Heaven's Wheel Armor
"Armor of Heaven, special armor that used by Valkyrie in order to protect Valhalla."
— Description

Requip Erza into her Heaven's Wheel Armor attire - Plated armor covers her chest, with a large metal flower over it and she wears a large billowing skirt that has metal plating in the upper area. Her stomach and neck are uncovered and she has large metal wings that appear to be made of individual blades, as well as a wing-like headpiece.

Heaven's Wheel Form Effect
Temporary Increase Erza's damage rate by 60% and attack speed rate by 30% when on Heaven's Wheel Armor form.

Requip: The Knight - Flame Empress Armor
"Armor of Flame, the armor known for it's tremendous power to slay a dragon."
— Description

Requip Erza into her Flame Empress Armor attire - Dark red predominantly armor, but also sports orange and black parts with the first ones being shaped like flames and the second resembling dragon’s limbs. It’s basically made up of three different parts: the revealing breastplate with dragon like wings attached to it, the orange gauntlets and the dragon claw shaped greaves. Erza’s hair is tied into a pair of high, long pigtails.

Flame Empress Form Effect
Temporary increase Erza's damage rate by 90% and HP Regeneration rate by 10% when on Flame Empress Armor form.

Requip: The Knight - Sea Empress Armor
"Armor of Sea, it's attire is represent the Knight from long forgotten ancient city under the sea, Atlantis."
— Description

Requip Erza into her Sea Empress Armor attire - Green colored armor with bluish parts. The breastplate, which barely covers Erza’s breast leaving her belly and her back visible. The armor is completed by a headgear with a large metal part covering her forehead, bearing a whirl-shaped wave on it and large fin-shaped protrusions siding her head. The armor comes equipped with a long sword which seems to be made of crystal, with many small crystals jutting out in every direction from the handguard.

Sea Empress Form Effect
Temporary increase Erza's damage rate by 70% and MP Regeneration rate by 10% when on Sea Empress Armor form.

Requip: The Knight - Lightning Empress Armor
"Armor of Lightning, it grants the power to whoever wield it with speed of lightning itself."
— Description

Requip Erza into her Lightning Empress Armor attire - Golden and light bluish colored armor. The breastplate is decorated by golden trimmings and has thin plates going up to surround Erza’s neck. When using this armor, Erza’s head gets adorned by a band with two ribbons on it and her hair gets styled in a long braid. Also, the armor’s weapon is a long spear with a very large blade and a decorated circle resembling a shield attaching it to the shaft, which is adorned by a large ribbon.

Lightning Empress Form Effect
Temporary increase Erza's damage rate by 80% and movement speed rate by 20% when on Sea Empress Armor form.

Requip: Samurai
"One believe that defense is need to be sacrificed in order to gain the real focus in strength."
— Description

Requip Erza into her Samurai attire - Her chest is covered with bandage and wear a flame motive trouser that dominated with red and yellow in color. In this attire, Erza equipped with dual katana as her weapons. Unlike other of Eza's Hyper Mode form, in this form Erza does not wear any armor in order to maximize her strength by sacrificing her defense.

Samurai Form Effect
Temporary increase Erza's damage rate by 180% and decrease defense rate by 90% when on Samurai form.

Dragon's Den Revision
I went to a forum Artist's Disscusion and asking for feedback about the possibilities of visual improvement on Dragon's Den. Since most of people pointing out on the ground tile texture and suggest me to make it more variated. I've retouch the current tile and made another one that similar with the rocks as well as a little bump on the ground. Oh yeah, any feedback to make the project become better is always welcome, so don't hesitate if you have a nice idea to help improve the project.

Dragon's Den Revision

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Abstract in Ice [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Gray is now complete and available as one of the playable character on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Like Jacob Black from Twilight Saga, Gray actually doesn't into wearing shirt and often stripping. But oh well, in this project he will available with him wearing his fabulous white coat. With him included, now the four main protagonist from the series is complete and able to join in battle of magic - except Happy though, since I planned to use Exceed as merchant NPC instead of playable character. So that's why, when this project is finally able to be released, you will see the Exceed team - Happy, Carla and Pantherlily as either weapon, armor or item seller NPC on each of available city.

Magic Abilities: Ice Make Magic
Like in actual series, gray using Ice Make Magic in the game - a same type of Molding Magic as his rival, Lyon. But unlike Lyon's Dynamic type, Gray uses Static type of Ice Make magic which mean he able to shape his ice into inanimate things or weapons. Specializing in it and having been practicing it for years, Gray possesses extreme mastery over it, being capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses. Ice Make: Ice Cannon and Ice Make: Hammer is Gray main magic of choice on this game.

Want to try to shot something with a frozen bazooka?
Take cover, there is a hammer falls from the sky!

Similar to Lyon's Ice Make magic effect, Gray magic is also has a chance to freeze the targetted enemy when they hit by his magic. Ice Make: Ice Cannon is featuring Gray to be able to created a large bazooka-like hand-held cannon and fires a blast of ice on line target area of effect, dealing damage and has a chance to freeze target enemies. Same freeze effect applied to his Ice Make: Hammer - creating a huge hammer made from ice and strike it down to a single target enemy.

Hyper Mode: Ice Make: Cold Calibur
Gray's Hyper Mode of choice is Ice Make: Cold Calibur, creates a massive great sword out of ice and equip it as his temporary weapon for combat. While in Hyper Mode, Gray gain extra damage and give him a chance to freeze enemy each time he attack - frozen enemy is unable to attack or cast any magic while under freeze effect. Sorry for dissapointing but, he isn't stripping and go shirtless on his Hyper Mode. lol

After making Gray's Hyper Mode, I'm considering to add a Wolf shaped weapon (Ice Make: Wolf) equipped to Lyon's hand when he is on his Hyper Mode state since Lyon only has a frozen aura on his Hyper Mode - Sub-Zero Emperor while the new characters that I develop recently gain alternate form and exclusive equipment on each character on their Hyper Mode.

Gray's Hyper Strike is Frozen Coffin, casting 5 magic circle around a single target enemy and impale them with a huge frozen ice - trapping his target in frozen state. Frozen Coffin able to freeze a single target enemy for a certain duration and dealing 1/4 of Gray's maximum MP as damage per second when his target is trapped on ice. Frozen Coffin visual effect is inspired from his teacher, Ur forbidden magic - Iced Shell when she tried to freeze Deliora with the cost of her own life.

Perhaps a weaker version of Iced Shell, but Frozen Coffin ice is as cold
a living ice of Iced Shell itself

Since I think 2 Ice Make mage on the game is already enough, I've decided that I would develop Ultear fully on her Arc of Time magic - which made her able to manipulate time. I know that Ice Make: Rosen Krone would be a nice magic ability for her but, I guess not.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stellar Princess [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Happy first day of September people! Bye August, I really hope someone buys Billie Joe an alarm clock so he can wake himself up when September ends. lol

I finally could get a chance to complete Lucy's development today as one of playable character on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Along with Angel, now there will be two Celestial Spirit mage available on the game. If only Yukino was appear before the time skip, she would make it three. "Eh? Why don't you just add her?" Well, it's because I don't felt like to include any character and magic ability after time skip because that mean I have to remake over the whole character looks all over again. So that's why, there ain't any character after time-skip especially those guys from Saber Tooth will be available on this project. I don't like those Saber Tooth people anyway especially for their arrogance, Fairy Tail should show them who's the real boss.

Magic Abilities: Celestial Spirit Magic
As a Celestial Spirit Mage, Lucy's main magic is able to summon celestial spirit to attack her enemies. This time I'm picking Cancer and Sagittarius as her main celestial spirit summon of choice since I found them as most decent one to be used, though back then I would like to include Leo and Aquarius since they are probably the strongest Celestial Spirit that Lucy have. And so, these are sneak peek preview screenshots from Cancer and Sagittarius attack when they summoned:

Definitely not your favorite crab that you can have as your dinner
Even a horse able to stand with only two legs

Cancer main attack is Scrissors Slice. When summoned, he will dash forward and attack using both of his scissors in both of his hand. Damaging his enemies in a line area of effect in front of him. As for Sagittarius, his main attack is Piercing Shot, when summoned he able to deal a critical damage ignoring target's defense to a single target enemy. The summoned celestial spirit will be dissapear right after they casting their signature attack to damage their summoner enemies instead of still staying and cast their second time attack in the same time they summoned.

Hyper Mode: Fleuve D'├ętoiles
Lucy's Hyper Mode is Fleuve d'├ętoiles (or River of Stars in english). She summon a special whip coming from the constellation of Eridanus in the Celestial Spirit World, equipping it as her temporary weapon. While in Hyper Mode, Lucy gain extra damage and give her a chance to stun enemy each time she attack.

When the first time I'm animating her Hyper Mode version, I was quite got a trouble on her whip animation and it seems that I was couldn't make it smooth enough since the whip itself is just a low poly (which make the whip hard to swirl in smoothness plus I wasn't ever animate something with whip before). But well, after some extra effort that I put when animate her, I finally able to made her a good animations with her whip for her alternate Hyper Mode after I've seen reference how whip animation work. Another lesson learned.

Lucy's Hyper Strike is Uranometria, a powerful magic known as the "Ultimate Magic of the Stars". Her Hyper Strike is require her to charge first for a several second and then summon a multiple light orb to attack enemies on a target area of effect. Dealing massive amount of damage and will cause target enemies to Silence - unable to cast any magic for a certain duration.

Casting Uranometria

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gray and Lucy Announcement [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Done animating both Gray and Lucy as well as for their basic alternate Hyper Mode animations (will add some extra animations as well later), was already include them on work in progress character list in the main page but never really announce them so I guess, now is the right time to announce them as playable characters on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Here is their sneak peek shot in the game, as well as their magic information.

Gray Fullbuster, The Static Ice Maker
"A man who has a disturbing habit of unconsciously removing his clothes at inappropriate moments. His magic allow him to create objects or weapons from ice."
— Description

Gray using Ice Make as his primary magic, a form of Molding Magic that allows him to create ice at his will and to shape it into objects. Ice-Make is known as an extremely versatile form of magic, coming in useful both in battle for offensive and defensive purposes and outside of it. Specializing in it and having been practicing it for years, Gray possesses extreme mastery over it, being capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses. Unlike Lyon's Ice Make, Gray uses Static Ice Make - meaning he can shape his ice into inanimate things or weapons.

Lucy Heartfilia, The Celestial Spirit Princess
"A very confident woman when it's about her appearance and sex appeal, often exuding a certain amount of vanity. But despite that superficial attitude, she is genuinely a clever, kind, and caring person."
— Description

Lucy using Celestial Spirit Magic as her main magic abilities, which allows her to summon Celestial Spirits - magical beings residing in the Celestial Spirit World, using the Keys of their respective Gates. When summoning a spirit, the Keys are enveloped with a soft, golden light. Once a contract has been made with a Spirit, such Spirit will be available for Lucy to summon on certain time.

Due to some reason, I actually wasn't planned to include them back then so that's why they are not included on the list of 20 playable characters on the previous alpha stage. But well, I've ended up decided to include them due to people request. If you wonder what kind of Hyper Mode that I pick for them, their information will coming in the next 2 updates after I complete developing their abilities.

Oh by the way, I just realize this is the last week for August and September coming on forward. We've been on the middle of 2012 already, time flies isn't it? And so, due to my break time is over, I probably wouldn't be able to updating this project as often as I was. Happy monday people, and happy the end week of August as well. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dragon's Den [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

— Igneel's Lair

Dragon's Den is one of the area on Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic, a Fairy Tail fanmade Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game project which I create.

Dungeon History
"Deep in the dungeon I've seen a monstrous, winged creature with my own eyes. His roar tear up the air itself. No doubt that there is dragons still exist even on this era."
— Gildarts

For thousands of years, there is a deep dungeon that the existance is still a myth. Many have sought the legendary Dragon's Den, but none found it and started to consider about the place existance is nothing but a fairy tale. But today, in year X784. A brave mage, Gildarts Clive finally found the so called myth itself - the Dragon's Den and tell the tale. According to what Gildarts says, there is a dragons lives inside the dungeon. Surprisingly, 3 of them is the dragons that dissapear on 7th July of X777, the dragons that was taught Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy a Dragon Slayer magic for them.

Dragon's Den Preview Screenshots
Dragon's Den is a secret dungeon in the game and currently the hardest dungeon with 5 star level difficult. Beside the danger it has, it promise a prosperity to anyone that able to complete the dungeon's challenge.

Current Revision

I finally be able to announce the newest dungon - Dragon's Den after been a while since my previous Lost Dragon post announced. Due to it's 5 star difficulty level, it's reccomended to explore the dungeon in a full party as well as a team work is needed in order to beat the dungeon challenge. I was thought about a darkish purple themed on the dungeon concept, but ended up to make it earthly brown. I put the dragonish enemies in this dungeon, even some that is a custom one that I made. This is the current version, in the future update I probably would make it more "ancient" like and misty as well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Requiem of Angel [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Last weekend was definitely a blast and had alot of stuff to do, but I finally manage my time to finish developing Angel, though it's a single day late unlike it was planned. Like I was stated before on my previous Oracion Seis announcement post, she, along with other Oracion Seis members will be available in the game as a Playable Character on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. With her finally done, there is 5 Oracion Seis members left - to come and join the fray in the fierce battle of magic!

Magic Abilities: Celestial Spirit Magic
As a Celestial Spirit Mage, her magic is able to summon a celestial spirit for a certain duration to attack her enemies. Since each of character main magic abilities is only 2, I have decided that Scorpio which is my zodiac sign and Aries would be used as her main celestial spirit and unfortunately, without Gemini - which would be complicated due to his ability to copy opponent both looks and abilities, since there is alot of characters in the game, that is.

This scorpio ain't sting, but he can spread sand that can cause you to blind
Aries speciality? killing you in fluffyness

Scorpio able to attack his opponent with Sand Storm. Damaging his enemies in a line area of effect in front of him, causing Blind effect to target enemies which give them chance to miss on every single of their attack for a certain duration. As for Aries, she able to produce a pink-colored wool to attack her enmies using Wool Bomb, dealing damage with her wool magic on enemies around her on the target area of effect around the range where she summoned. The summoned celestial spirit will be dissapear right after they casting their signature attack to damage their summoner enemies instead of still staying and cast their second time attack in the same time they summoned.

Hyper Mode: Caelum Sword
Angel Hyper Mode is Caelum Sword, summoning her Celestial Spirit; Caelum and transform him into his Sword Form, equipping it to Angel as her weapon. Beside increasing her attack damage, it's also increasing her MP Regen when her Hyper Mode is activated.

Due to alternation, I have made an alternate animations for her as well in her Hyper Mode form with Caelum Sword as her weapon, instead of just using it as an attachment. Anyway, I have fun animating her in both Normal and Hyper Mode!

I named Angel's Hyper Strike as Heaven's Dance since Angel is usually identic as a heavenly figure. But unfortunatelly, not for her which is typically evil. Angel Hyper Strike is require her to charge first for a several second and then attack enemies around her multiple times with the heavenly light from her Caelum Sword in a medium area of effect, affect them with Blind status which made them has a chance to miss their attack for a certain duration.

The intensity of Angel's heavenly light can cause it's victim to blind on a flash

Last but not least, due to her looks and attire, I include Angelic Blessing - a supportive magic in one of her additional ability list which give a single target, either self or allied player a bonus MP Regeneration. MP Regeneration bonus is stackable with MP Regeneration bonus from her Hyper Mode, making her have a fast MP recovery to make her cast magic without even afraid to run out of MP.