Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Abstract in Ice [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Gray is now complete and available as one of the playable character on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Like Jacob Black from Twilight Saga, Gray actually doesn't into wearing shirt and often stripping. But oh well, in this project he will available with him wearing his fabulous white coat. With him included, now the four main protagonist from the series is complete and able to join in battle of magic - except Happy though, since I planned to use Exceed as merchant NPC instead of playable character. So that's why, when this project is finally able to be released, you will see the Exceed team - Happy, Carla and Pantherlily as either weapon, armor or item seller NPC on each of available city.

Magic Abilities: Ice Make Magic
Like in actual series, gray using Ice Make Magic in the game - a same type of Molding Magic as his rival, Lyon. But unlike Lyon's Dynamic type, Gray uses Static type of Ice Make magic which mean he able to shape his ice into inanimate things or weapons. Specializing in it and having been practicing it for years, Gray possesses extreme mastery over it, being capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses. Ice Make: Ice Cannon and Ice Make: Hammer is Gray main magic of choice on this game.

Want to try to shot something with a frozen bazooka?
Take cover, there is a hammer falls from the sky!

Similar to Lyon's Ice Make magic effect, Gray magic is also has a chance to freeze the targetted enemy when they hit by his magic. Ice Make: Ice Cannon is featuring Gray to be able to created a large bazooka-like hand-held cannon and fires a blast of ice on line target area of effect, dealing damage and has a chance to freeze target enemies. Same freeze effect applied to his Ice Make: Hammer - creating a huge hammer made from ice and strike it down to a single target enemy.

Hyper Mode: Ice Make: Cold Calibur
Gray's Hyper Mode of choice is Ice Make: Cold Calibur, creates a massive great sword out of ice and equip it as his temporary weapon for combat. While in Hyper Mode, Gray gain extra damage and give him a chance to freeze enemy each time he attack - frozen enemy is unable to attack or cast any magic while under freeze effect. Sorry for dissapointing but, he isn't stripping and go shirtless on his Hyper Mode. lol

After making Gray's Hyper Mode, I'm considering to add a Wolf shaped weapon (Ice Make: Wolf) equipped to Lyon's hand when he is on his Hyper Mode state since Lyon only has a frozen aura on his Hyper Mode - Sub-Zero Emperor while the new characters that I develop recently gain alternate form and exclusive equipment on each character on their Hyper Mode.

Gray's Hyper Strike is Frozen Coffin, casting 5 magic circle around a single target enemy and impale them with a huge frozen ice - trapping his target in frozen state. Frozen Coffin able to freeze a single target enemy for a certain duration and dealing 1/4 of Gray's maximum MP as damage per second when his target is trapped on ice. Frozen Coffin visual effect is inspired from his teacher, Ur forbidden magic - Iced Shell when she tried to freeze Deliora with the cost of her own life.

Perhaps a weaker version of Iced Shell, but Frozen Coffin ice is as cold
a living ice of Iced Shell itself

Since I think 2 Ice Make mage on the game is already enough, I've decided that I would develop Ultear fully on her Arc of Time magic - which made her able to manipulate time. I know that Ice Make: Rosen Krone would be a nice magic ability for her but, I guess not.


  1. His Hyper Mode: Cold Calibur is actually Cold Excalibur. Well, that was what they said in the wiki, anime and manga. So yeah

  2. Iced Shell anyone? hahaha just messin with ya