Sunday, February 22, 2015

Under Development: Digimon World RE-Evolution

Remember my old project, Digimon World: Revolution that I've released back on around 2011? It's actually quite surprising due to it's still played up until today despite kinda old, some people even still asking me in twitter/e-mailed me about secret codes and new version sometimes - thus I think of it and somehow reawakening my passion for making people had a better visual experience from my Digimon map. I've decided to make a mass revision of it fresh from scratch into a brand new total conversion, multiplayer Role Playing Game Digimon project.

Here are some sneak peek screenshots of one of the available dungeon - Forest Catacomb, that resting place of an ancient digimon available in the game as in the current work in progress development. Since the purpose I made this sneak peek because of wanted to see the audience responses, feel free to leave comments and thoughts here about remaking the project today on 2015 still worth it or not.

Forest Tomb Sneak Peek #001 - Entrance of the Dungeon
Forest Tomb Sneak Peek #002 - Within the Catacomb
Forest Tomb Sneak Peek #003 - The Boss is Ahead

You can also follow the development progress on here for sneak peek and more.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mass Revision [League of Legends: Arena]

Version 1.2 of my League of Legends: Arena has been released with all available champions from previous version revised and added 1 passive for each of them (although some are temporary, but still quite useful as a placeholder passive). Mimicking the actual game, all champions now are also have seperated 2d potraits with their own artworks instead. New version also including 2 new champions: Alistar, the Minotaur and Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal joins the arena! Full changelogs listed in-game menu.

Champion Spotlight
Alistar Preview
Alistar, the Minotaur
As the mightiest warrior to ever emerge from the Minotaur tribes of the Great Barrier, Alistar defended his tribe from Valoran's many dangers; that is, until the coming of the Noxian army. Alistar was lured from his village by the machinations of Keiran Darkwill, General Boram Darkwill's youngest son, and commander of the Noxian expeditionary force. When Alistar returned, he found his village burning and his family slain. Bellowing with rage, he charged an entire regiment of Noxus's elite, slaughtering them by the hundreds. Only the intervention of some of Noxus's most skilled summoners checked Alistar's rage. Brought in chains to Noxus, Alistar spent the intervening years as a gladiator in the Fleshing, pitted in endless battle for the entertainment of Noxus' wealthy leaders.

Alistar's once noble soul slowly became twisted, and he would have been driven to insanity if not for Ayelia, a young servant girl who befriended him and eventually arranged for his escape. Suddenly free, Alistar joined the newly formed League of Legends to fight as a champion, hoping to one day exact his final vengeance upon Noxus and find the girl who had renewed his hope.

Mordekaiser Preview
Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal
Mordekaiser is a being of pure, living agony on a mysterious dread quest. It is said that he was the first of the undead, existing before the Shadow Isles were a whispered threat. His true name and past lost to history, Mordekaiser is feared for his grim manipulation of pain –both his own, and that of others. Anguish fuels and sustains him, serving as his last connection to life, as well as his most effective weapon. In his enigmatic hunt, he's proven no one is safe, for even the most courageous souls have surrendered their secrets in his grasp.

Entombed in ancient armor, the Master of Metal is said to be the first of the unliving, a revenant who existed even before the Shadow Isles were wrought. His twisted soul thrives on his own suffering, as well as the anguish he inflicts upon others.

Download Version 1.2
(Latest Version Released on February 6th, 2015)

Special Edition Version is currently on the making, as I previously stated that what interest me in making this kind of moba adaptation project is because I wanted to include their alternate skins, and multiplayer limited size pretty much on the way, therefore this version is created. There will be some new heroes and features which couldn't be include in multiplayer version as well! These are the currently added champion skin sets for upcoming Special Edition Version:

Current Garen Sets in Special Edition Version
Current Katarina Sets in Special Edition Version
Current Vladimir Sets in Special Edition Version
Current Mordekaiser Sets in Special Edition Version
Current Ahri Sets in Special Edition Version