Conversion Series: Dota 2

Before Dota 2: Heroes Clash released, few years ago I've actually made a Dota 2 project in version of an Open RPG, probably around 2012 if I remember it right, but since it couldn't be classified as a "total conversion" and pretty far from finish, I changed my mind to put it here. And from that reason too, I've decided to made an arena version of it with a way better quality.

Dota 2: Heroes Clash
Genre: Hero Arena +AI
Materials: Total Conversion
Current Size: 6.2 MB
Release Date: January 20th, 2015
Latest Update: August 5th, 2015
Blog & Download Page: Click

Join up the battlefied and play as memorable heroes from Dota 2 franchise, #TeamRadiant powerful casters; Rylai, the Crystal Maiden or Lina, the Slayer - or even cunning heroes from #TeamDire like Mortred, the Phantom Assasin! Due to the genre is being a battle arena, all levelable passive abilities from the original Dota concept are revised. Roshan the Immortal is also featured in the game as both the game powerful boss, as well as secret playable character you can unlock.

Future Plan: Due to 8 MB multiplayer size limitation, I plan to create a separated version of this project in the future: Multiplayer Version and Full Version, Full Version will have more contents, heroes and especially alternate costume sets which player can choose. Having characters various alternate costume has been my personal excitement for developing this kind of moba adaptation project, therefore full version is created for non-multiplayer size purpose.