Monday, January 19, 2015

Dota 2: Heroes Clash

First of all, I'd like to say: Happy New Year 2015! *put a new year new me quote stuff here*
On this first month of the year, I'd like to introduce another of my fanmade total conversion project, Dota 2: Heroes Clash. It is a fast-paced, fanmade Battle Arena themed map featured with heroes from popular Dota 2 franchise.

Due to 8 MB multiplayer size limitation, I plan to create a separated version of this project in the future: Multiplayer Version and Full Version, Full Version will have more contents, heroes and especially alternate costume sets which player can choose. Having characters various alternate costume has been my personal excitement for developing this kind of moba adaptation project, therefore full version is created for non-multiplayer size purpose. Along with my League of Legends: Arena, I plan to develop both of these project until I could include at least around 30-40 available characters.

Sven available costume sets
With this Dota 2 conversion release, there is a chance that I plan to complete, the previously unfinished version from my Dota 2: Open Role Playing Game which abandoned since like around 2 years ago.

Rylai and Lina
Features Preview
"There is already HQ Dota 2 conversion called war dota or something, what making this different?" This isn't a total .mpq project but a single, playable map for wc3. Therefore the size wouldn't be reach hundred MB or even GB and due to the genre is being a battle arena, all levelable passive abilities from the original Dota concept will be revised into active version, but that doesn't mean all heroes doen't have passive at all, each heroes have their own unlevelable passive.

Killing Spree, Dominating, Wicked Sick, and so on! One of the iconic feature from Dota is a kill chain notification, therefore I include this feature here as well along with it's own announcer voice clip. There is also more than 60 items with it's own icon from the original Dota 2 to costumize your hero and made them stronger along the way. The iconic creeps, Roshan the Immortal is also featured in the game as both the game powerful boss, as well as secret playable character you can unlock.

In-Game Preview 001
In-Game Preview 002
In-Game Preview 003
In-Game Preview 004

Download Version 1.5
Latest version 1.5 released on August, 5th 2015 featuring Mogul Khan, the Axe. Including gameplay, bugs and typos fix, as well as some heroes rebalance. Full changelog listed in-game.

Latest Release Date: August 5th, 2015
Current Map Size: 6,4 MB