Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Double Update!

Happy August! Sorry for the long absence *checking last blog post date*, instead of updating the main post download link for the new version, I'd like to made a new post instead, with a notice that Dota 2: Heroes Clash and League of Legends: Arena new version is now out (nope, these projects ain't discontinued). Riven, the Exile and Mogul Khan, the Axe has entered the battleground and join the battle! I also made a youtube account, therefore from now on I'll post some preview in-game sneak peek on video.

Riven Preview
League of Legends: Arena
Version 1.3 has been released featuring Riven, the Exile as a new playable champion, including previous champions revised, improved AI and some gameplay fixed.

Riven, the Exile
Ruthless and efficient as a warrior, her true strength lay in her conviction. She entered battles without any trace of doubt in her mind: no ethical pause, no fear of death. Riven became a leader amongst her peers, poster child of the Noxian spirit. So exceptional was her passion that the High Command recognized her with a black stone rune sword forged and enchanted with Noxian sorcery. Soon after, she was deployed to Ionia as part of the Noxian invasion.

During one bitter engagement, Riven's unit became surrounded by Ionian forces. They called for support as the enemy closed in around them. What they received instead was a barrage of biochemical terror launched by Singed. Riven watched as around her Ionian and Noxian alike fell victim to an unspeakably gruesome fate. She managed to escape the bombardment, though she could not erase the memory. Counted dead by Noxus, she saw an opportunity to start anew. She shattered her sword, severing ties with the past, and wandered in self-imposed exile - on a quest to seek atonement and a way to save the pure Noxian vision in which she believed.

League of Legends: Arena +AI
Download Version 1.3
(Latest Version Released on August 5th, 2015)

Axe Preview
Dota 2: Heroes Clash
Version 1.5 has been released featuring Mogul Khan, the Axe as a new playable hero, including previous heroes revised, improved AI and some gameplay fixed.

Morgul Khan, the Axe
As a grunt in the Army of Red Mist, Mogul Khan set his sights on the rank of Red Mist General. In battle after battle he proved his worth through gory deed. His rise through the ranks was helped by the fact that he never hesitated to decapitate a superior. Through the seven year Campaign of the Thousand Tarns, he distinguished himself in glorious carnage, his star of fame shining ever brighter, while the number of comrades in arms steadily dwindled.

On the night of ultimate victory, Axe declared himself the new Red Mist General, and took on the ultimate title of 'Axe.' But his troops now numbered zero. Of course, many had died in battle, but a significant number had also fallen to Axe's blade. Needless to say, most soldiers now shun his leadership. But this matters not a whit to Axe, who knows that a one-man army is by far the best.

Dota 2: Heroes Clash +AI
Download Version 1.5
(Latest Version Released on August 5th, 2015)

Upcoming: Will try to re-search the file and made a fixed update for my old project, Digimon World: Revolution soon due to high demand. Have a great August, people!