Friday, September 21, 2012

Ride the Wind [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Happy weekend everyone! Sorry for late update and almost didn't post anything for more than a week on this blog. I couldn't write any progress on my blog for some reasons, one of the reason is because I'm quite busy recently (between busy working and busy partying, obviously) so I don't have much time for blogging. But there is a good news that I can tell, yesterday I'm able to complete another long waited character from Oracion Seis guild, Racer for my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Sorry but, I'm not intend to reveal his Hyper Strike yet, you will know how it looks like when the project is finally able to be publicy released, but I can guarantee that Racer fans will definitely love it!

Magic Abilities: Slowing Magic
We all know that behind his title as the Unholy Flash, his magic was originally believed to be capable of drastically enhancing Racer’s own speed. His true magic way of work is in fact, Slowing Magic, true to its name, is later revealed to be a time-affecting magic, changing the way its targets perceive time, slowing down his enemies movement and make Racer himself looks like moving like a flash that not even Valentino Rossi able to beat, and thus allowing him to attack freely before they get a chance to counter. Wheel Rush and Gear Change: Red Zone is Racer main magic ability of choice that available on this game.

Who need a workshop if you can summon a wheel by yourself?
Red Zone being charged

Due to his self proclaimed unholy speed that he use when attack enemy (even faster than any of fast food that you could ever made), his main magic has a chance to stun enemy when they get hit by it. His Wheel Rush make him able to summon a single high spinning wheel to appear out of nowhere and move towards the target at high speed and attack a single target enemy. Gear Change: Red Zone may require him 3 seconds of casting time, but it feature him to attack a single target enemy for five times. Damage deal for each hit is based from Racer's base damage.

Hyper Mode: Dead Grand Prix
"Why walk when you can ride?" that quoted words from a master piece complex sci-fi RPG developer, RDZ blog perhaps can describe about Racer's Hyper Mode. Racer's Hyper Mode of choice is Dead Grand Prix, Racer raises one arm and calls out for the Dead Grand Prix to begin. Racer is capable of both riding a motorcycle and controlling it remotely, and the one he riding upon came equipped with a multi-barreled magical gun capable of rapid firing on its side, making his attack become long-ranged. Racer described this magic as a "Motor Show from Hell".

Racer is currently the only (or probably would be indeed, the only one) character that ride a vehicle on his Hyper Mode form. While in Hyper Mode, Racer will gain bonus movement speed (obviously because he ride a vehicle) and increase his evade rate by 30%.

I was have no idea how should I made the attack animations for his Hyper Mode when he ride a motorcycle. On the first time, I was like "how about to make him punch like in oldschool game Road Rash?" But later, I realize that, why should punch when his motorcycle is equipped with a multi-barreled magical gun and able to shoot enemy with it? Thus, his Hyper Mode attack decided to become a long ranged attack.

Beside movement speed, evade rate and long ranged bonus, what else Racer's Hyper Mode provide? If in his normal state, Racer's Wheel Rush able to summon a single wheel and throw it to his enemy (which is not recommended to try in real life), in Hyper Mode he able to summon three wheels which mean, he can throw a wheel three times to his targeted enemy.

Because three is better than one


  1. Don't be attributing me, I stole that quote from Morrowind! <3

  2. epic like always andreariona

  3. hey i really love the look of your Fairy Tail game how can i download it?

  4. Good thing I watched "Dead Grand Prix" yesterday, or this would have been a major spoiler alert. lol. Looks awsome! can't wait for the game to be finished. great work.

  5. Hello Andrea how is goin with the progress so exited to play it i cann´t wait
    is owsome map and do you know the date time of release?

  6. but th wow return of the heroes why no ai on the map it will be cooler if with AI