Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still Alive

This might be late but.. happy new year! First of all I would like to apologize for missing all of sudden and let the blog die without any post progressing anymore. I'm still alive, obviously, I (just) haven't dead yet. Well, alot of personal things happen and been on ups and down recently, that's why I decided to went off for awhile and having "me time" to think about stuff.

It's been so long that I didn't open up the blog and quite surprise that actually there's 600+ pending comments (including bots spams) and yes, I have read them one by one when I was open the blog again after been a long time. I've also got alot of inbox on my secondary email: andreariona@yahoo.com which I haven't check it since like last august, so my apologize if you was emailed me there and I haven't reply. I just rarely open that secondary email of mine though, my primary e-mail name is.. kinda awkward actually since I was made it long ago when I was still on mid school so I didn't share my primary one. But if you felt like to ask me something directly, you can always ask me on my personal twitter since I'm checking it occasionally or leave the comments on my blog here.

Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic - The Magic (Still) Continuous On!
Most of the pending comments I've got was ask about Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic project, I'd like to announce to that project is back again after a year of hiatus. Actually I was still made some progress up until december last year about the project and secretly developing the guys from Grimoire Heart as a secret playable character (beside Meredy and Ultear that I have announced May last year before). Perhaps these Tenrou Arc characters has already out dated since it's already like a year passed eversince the original event.

Secret Project: A New Year Gift
If you visiting Hive Workshop or following me on twitter, you probably already know about this project I'm developing in recently, World of Warcraft: Heroes Return, perhaps more likely an experimental project of my curiousness that I'm unable to achieve on my previous Dota 2: Open Role Playing Game map so I made another fanmade experiment with another title. World of Warcraft: Heroes Return is a total conversion Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game (yes, WoW map in multiplayer!) that inspired from original World of Warcraft franchise that developed by Blizzard. I'm trying to made 1st ever WoW total conversion in multiplayer ORPG version as I haven't seen any. My aim on this project is to create a simple yet fancy and fun gameplay with eye catching fantasy-like terrain and effect that able to made the players has a World of Warcraft feeling when playing the game. As an ORPG, the project is designed to be played by multiplayer in order to experience a better result playing the game (especially for ORPG fans).

Terrain Art
Instead of medievalist one, I'd go for a fantasy theme kind of terrain for the project. Some cracked area terrain on this project is inspired from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch when there's a crack on land filled with magma deep in caused by Deathwing. Check out some sneak peek screenshot of early development:

Sneak Peek #1
Sneak Peek #2
These terrain design are still temporary and will be change and improved from time to time as the project progressing by.

There's three type of enemies on the map: Normal, Elite and Boss which is carefully developed and has their own attributes and abilities to made the battle challenging instead of total hack and slash on a battle. Normal and Elite type creeps can be found around world map and will respawn each time you kill them. Meanwhile Boss can only be found exclusivelly on a dungeon and require a teamwork with other players of your team in order to bring it down due to Boss type creeps aren't designed to be battled solo. Boss doesn't spawn when they died so player only able to beat them once per game. Curious about the Bosses and their lair looks like? Check out these sneak peek!

#1 Ajzol-Nerub: Lair of Fallen King (Early Terrain Concept)
#2 Molten Core: Lair of Firelord (Early Terrain Concept)

Demo Release
I have release a test version, feel free to try it out, have checked it multiplayer and worked fine, so I know it wouldn't be like my previous Dota 2: ORPG map last time. You can follow the project development on Hive Workshop  also I made the thread on MODDB as well hopefully for larger feedback and audience to made the progress on the project better.