Friday, June 29, 2012

10 New Artworks for Oracion Seis Strikes Back! [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

I made 10 new artworks of full-body characters with blue magic circle on the background, the artworks is featuring each of Oracion Seis members as new playable characters on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. I made them in wallpaper size so you can as well made them as your desktop wallpaper. Click on the image for full size view.

Angel Hyper Mode: Caelum Sword
Cobra Hyper Mode: Cuberos
Racer Hyper Mode: Dead Grand Prix

Project Note: I'm still developing between Angel and Cobra at the moment, some project screenshots sneak peek will coming next week!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oracion Seis Strikes Back! [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Left to Right: Hoteye, Angel, Brain, Midnight, Cobra and Racer

Oracion Seis members strikes back once again and join the battle of magic! On this update I would like to announce them as a new playable characters on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. In the Anime and Manga, Oracion Seis was a Dark Guild comprised of six incredibly powerful mages. Their goal was to retrieve the Dark Magic "Nirvana" which was capable of turning "Light" (Good) into "Dark" (Evil). Started to developing them this week, beside character development there is also some new feature and terrain remake on the project that currently I'm working on.

New Characters On Development

Angel, The Celestial Mage
"A cruel, sadistic, harsh and arrogant woman who enjoys toying with her enemies. She does not think much of her spirits as living beings, and is seen mistreating them like tools."
— Description

Angel using Celestial Spirit Magic as her main magic abilities, which allows her to summon Celestial Spirits, Magical beings residing in the Celestial Spirit World, using the keys of their respective gates.

Cobra, The Poison Dragon Slayer Mage
"Dragon Slayer 2nd Generation, a self-confident man who likes to see his opponents suffer. He believe that his new-style Dragon Slayer are superior to the old-style."
— Description

Cobra using Poison Dragon Slayer Magic as his main magic abilities, grants him the power to produce poison from his body and to consume the one produced from external sources to heal and strengthen himself.

Racer, The Speed Mage
"A man with great pride in his own speed and running, claiming them to be unsurpassed. Racer’s most distinctive trait is his extreme fondness for speed."
— Description

Racer using Slowing Magic as his main magic abilities, a time-affecting Magic that change the way its targets perceive time, and thus making it appear for them that Racer is moving around at unholy speed.

Hoteyee, The Earth Mage
"A man who have a big obsession with money and tends to preach out his own personal anecdotes about money and riches to anyone within his vicinity."
— Description

Hoteye using high level Earth Magic as his main magic abilities, which allows him to soften or liquify the ground, subsequently manipulating it at his will.

Midnight, The Reflector Mage
"A man who believe that his power is absolute and higher than anyone. In battles he is often bored by the weakness of his opponents."
— Description

Midnight using Reflector Magic as his main magic abilities, which has the ability to reflect, distort and twist all matter of objects.

Brain, The Dark Mage
"The leader of OraciĆ³n Seis, a Dark Guild composed of highly powerful mages whose goal is to find a very destructive power known as Nirvana, which was sealed away long ago."
— Description

Brain using Darkness Magic as his main magic abilities, which is his main source of offensive power, he has proven himself masterful in dark spells. His dark magic can pierce through defenses.

New Feature
Hyper Mode: Each character now will have Hyper Mode implemented, Hyper Mode is a feature that can transform character into their powerful alternate state and increase between their specific damage, speed, defense or such for a certain duration. In this mode they also featured Hyper Strike; their ultimate finishing move which will transform back the character to their Normal Mode after Hyper Strike executed.

Dark Guild: Oracion Seis is now available as the first Dark Guild in the game, currently making the interior terrain for the guild. Like the previous Legal Guild, Dark Guild can provide jobs for player to earn money and guild point by doing guild quests. The different? They are not associated with Magic Council and quest given is based from assasination and stealing.

Purchase Additional Magic: Remember that in the game each character has some Additional Magic beside their main one? Now they can also buy some additional magic on some NPC that selling them. Each NPC in cities selling different kind of additional abilities.

New Status Ailment: Poison, poison does 2% cut of your maximum HP each second for certain duration. Poison buff can't be cured.

Dynamic and Close Up Lock Camera: Want to see the game in full quality view? You can now use lock camera close up feature to make it happen and make it like in typical mmorpg. Dynamic view make you possible to rotate the camera freely. And of course this option is optional, you can always revert back to the original camera view. (Unperfect, still under experiment)

New Arts
Beside new characters and new features, I've also made some new arts for this project update contains wallpaper of current Oracion Seis members Hyper Mode and special cover of Oracion Seis Angel's prayer.

Hyper Mode Wallpaper
Angel Hyper Mode: Caelum Sword
Cobra Hyper Mode: Cuberos
Racer Hyper Mode: Dead Grand Prix

Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic - Oracion Seis Strikes Back Title Logo

The Angel's Prayer Cover
Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic - Requiem of Angel

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Secret Behind the Door [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Gildarts in front of Lumen Etoile, Fairy Tail guild biggest secret

A test screenshot from my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. It is a scene when Gildarts open the Lumen Etoile and becoming the 5th Fairy Tail guild master.

Retouched on Photoshop CS3 so I can as well make it as a wallpaper.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dark Wizard Awakening [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Zeref, The Dark Wizard is the current character that I develop as a secret character on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Zeref is considered the strongest and most evil mage in all history who possesses very dangerous and powerful black magic, but of course I wouldn't making him way too imbalance on this project.

Zeref, The Dark Wizard (currently animating)

Beside secret character, he is also appear as a neutral NPC on Tenrou Island area (and becoming as a BOSS later in game). His spell that I develop here is mostly a Dark Magic which can cut enemies HP and has a chance to direcly kill enemies. I ended up decided to include a Living Magic as well on his main magic list which make him able randomly call between Lullaby or Deliora for short amount of time to attack his enemies.

Recent Development Preview
A few preview sneak peek screenshots of Zeref. For some reasons, I only made Zeref's living magic summon only appearing half of their upper body instead of full body summon with dark aura around them.

Living Magic: Deliora
Living Magic: Lullaby
Casting Death Pillar

New Special Cover
Also I've made another special cover for the project featuring Zeref when he summon back Deliora and Lullaby to bring pandemonium once again. Probably that wouldn't ever happen in either anime or manga since both of them is already wiped out. ;p

Fairy Tail Battle of Magic: Zeref Special Cover

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tenrou Forest WIP [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Tenrou Forest is one of the area on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project replacing previous desert area (which I've never reveal it before) in the map. It's located on Tenrou Island and can be accessed after player finish certain quest. Some high level deadly wyverns lives around the forest, watch out if you encounter them.

The area is still WIP at the moment and not completely done yet, so it may looks quite bad and messy. Here is the current screenshot for the area:

New Artwork
Also here is an artwork which the area is based on Tenrou Forest. Inspired from one of the scene when Natsu meet Zeref for the first time (except in here he didn't wear any backpack ;p) on Tenrou Island. Black and White just making them looks classic.

Fateful Encounter Artwork

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Levy Command!

I was visited Hive last night after a very long time haven't been there and coincidentally seen a professionally done project called Requiem, the screenshots is epicly a master piece and looks profesionally done. One of the screenshot that attract my eyes is this one:

Screenshot from Requiem Project by Goris

I was having a hard time trying to figure out last night how did the creator making that because of my curiousity. So I've decided to making such experiment on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic project with Levy and Gajeel as a victim and ended up randomly making this (still without Black and White effect):

Levy Command! The Experiment

Okay, this one with the the zoom in on option if you didn't read the options:

Levy Command! (Zoom In)

I'm sorry for naruto fans, I just can't resist to randomly add the first option for the lulz. ;p
And by the way, that Tenrou Island terrain is still on the work in progress so it isn't completely done yet.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspiring Figure (Past > Present)

Okay, Cana pic above is not the inspiring person that I want to talk about. But seriously, since it seems that I've always updating this blog only about projects progress update, I think I have to write something different than that sometimes. Okay, this time I'd love to write about few names on wc3 communities that was inspired me and (indirectly) making me become who I am today. Those amazing people are:

- CloudWolf: He was the first person that makes me realize it's possible to make such playable terrain with unlimited heigh in W.E by using W.E.U, which later SirDeeds told me that it's also possible to do it in normal W.E with a 'misc data' file placed on UI folder. Beside terraining, he is also an awesome map maker. You can check his map works Diablo III and Cataclysm AoS, you'll definitely love it!

- Zerox: This kindy and lovely women is the founder of former great wc3 site; WCU (which now the site is completely Rest in History due to 2nd admin decision to move the site and failed to attract people to go on new site). I think if Zerox wasn't ever make WCU back on 2008, I would never be interested on wc3 map making. I was accidentally found her site around 2010 when I was searching something about Dissidia and found Dissidia stuff and other resources for wc3 there (which I was awed since I've only seen wc3-ish stuff on Hive Workshop before). And that what motivates me to make my very first released map on wc3 called Dissidia Final Fantasy: Heroes of the Times. Fyi, she is married now and quit wc3.

- RTG and Judash: Both of them are my forever-respected animators. Their animations really is never get old from the very first day I've seen their animation works until what I can see today. And I think their works is also what was motivates me to start learning animating; which I've really love it at the very beginning and lost interest on a one or two month later since I've already get used to it. Reek words about "if you can animate, you can do whatever with your model" to Avarize was also indirectly motivates me to start animating as well and I imply them on my Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Line project since it's an SRPG Cinematic and I just love to make such extra animations for cinemetic purpose on it.

- Ddahe and cytwscyt: Both is a very good anime modeller back then, I really love their model works since it's pretty much professionally done. They both didn't speak english well so the only way to contact them was to speak in chinese and korean language. They was really my motivation to try on modelling stuff.

- An awesome and kindly guy that now is the founder of great wc3 site; CR. Like Ddahe and cytwscyt, he is also the one which inspire me to do model. I still remember it was 2010 when he was make Dabura from DBZ for his first model back when WCU still exist. Now he can make such a perfect 3d model in no time. I've simply learn the word "learn by doing" directly because of seeing the today version of He also own a modelling community called Lowpoly Workshop. I suggest you to go there if you want to start learn modelling.

I also would love to say a great thanks for peoples from past WCU and today CR communities, there are a lot of names that I can't mention one by one. I may never showing any of lovable expression and such, but I love you guys just as much.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Erza Cover [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

A poster design for my fan-made Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic project. I favorited both Scarlet and Knightwalker, that's why I feature them on this first poster for the project. I think I would love to see if Hiro Mashima ever make a sequel for Edolas Arc on either Fairy Tail manga or anime and make them both clash once again.

PSP Cover Version
(for real? nope. this project isn't a commercial and only a fanmade. ;p)

Friday, June 1, 2012

2012 Brand New Models Announcement [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

At long last, finally I have completed the brand new models that I will use on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project development. They will replace the models that I was use in previous alpha stage. I think now I have anything that I need to make this fanmade project become similar like actual mmorpg. lol
Though, I still have to animate every single one of them and make them playable on the game. Quite a pain but I guess it's not really a big matter since I'm enjoy developing this project and would love to put my whole effort on it. ;p

Characters Design by Hiro Mashima (Actual Fairy Tail manga and anime creator).

Playable Characters
  Fairy Tail Guild
[Above] Left to Right: Erza, Lucy, Natsu and Gray
[Below] Left to Right: Elfman, Mirajane, Lisanna and Juvia

[Above] Left to Right: Alzack, Bisca, Cana and Loke
[Below] Left to Right: Bickslow, Freed, Evergreen and Laxus

[Above] Left to Right: Mystogan, Wendy, Gajeel and Levy
[Below] Left to Right: Droy and Jet

Lamia Scale Guild
Left to Right: Jura, Lyon and Sherry

Blue Pegasus Guild
Left to Right: Ichiya, Eve, Hibiki and Ren

Oracion Seis Guild
[Above] Left to Right: Angel, Midnight, Cobra and Hoteye
[Below] Left to Right: Racer, Brain and Zero

Grimoire Heart Guild
[Above] Left to Right: Azuma, Rustyrose, Capricorn and Kain
[Below] Left to Right: Zancrow, Meredy, Ultear and Bluenote

Secret Characters
[Above] Left to Right: Zeref, Hades and Jellal
[Below] Left to Right: Mest and Gildarts

Erza's Armor Requip
[Above] Left to Right: Amadura Armor, Black Wing Armor, Flame Empress Armor and Flight Armor
[Below] Left to Right: Heaven's Wheel Armor, Lightning Empress, Sea Empress Armor and Samurai

Edolas Fairy Tail
Left to Right: Edolas Natsu, Edolas Lucy, Edolas Juvia and Edolas Gray

Edolas Royal Army
Left to Right: Erza Knightwalker, Pantherlily and Edolas Soldier

Left to Right: Happy, Carla and Pantherlily

Main BOSS Enemies
Left to Right: Grandine, Metalicana and Igneel

Left to Right: Dorma Anim, Dorma Anim: Black Sky and Legion

Left to Right: Lullaby and Deliora

Mini BOSS Enemies
Left to Right: Dragon Rampager and Black Garuda

Left to Right: Doom Tentacle and Pumpkin King

Left to Right: Rukimajiro, Rukima Horn and Rukima Horn Emerald

[Above] Left to Right: Jewel Bearer (Emerald), Jewel Bearer (Peridot) and Jewel Bearer (Aqua)
[Below] Left to Right: Jewel Bearer (Ruby), Jewel Bearer (Amethyst) and Jewel Bearer (Aurora)

[Above] Left to Right: Purplezilla, Blackzilla and Crystaltoise
[Below] Left to Right: Wing Greed and Abyssmal

[Above] Left to Right: Duplicator and Kiryu
[Below] Left to Right: Shimurugu and Kuerebure

Super BOSS
Game Super BOSS: The Dragon of Harmony

Common Enemies
[Above] Left to Right: Electric Jelly, Mochi Jelly, Fire Jelly and Water Jelly
[Below] Left to Right: Earth Jelly, Cold Jelly, Hot Jelly and Wind Jelly

[Above] Left to Right: Balkan, Vulcan and Scavenge Wolf
[Below] Left to Right: Goblin (Axe and Sword), Green Goblin (Axe and Sword) and Disguise

[Above] Left to Right: Water Lizard and Earth Lizard
[Below] Left to Right: Winged Shark and Arclouze