Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cursed Cave [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Mystogan confront Lullaby in Cursed Cave final area

Cursed Cave is one of the area on Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic, a Fairy Tail fan-made Open Role Playing Game which I create.

Dungeon History
"His requiem, not even I was able to survive."
— Mystogan

Everyone know about the existance of a cave that filled with tremendous sleep magic. None ever survive and able to reach the end - and see Lullaby, the ancient creature of doom itself but the enigmatic Mystogan. He is the first mage who be able to survive and nullified the sleep magic around the dungeon and yet, at that time, he was not good enough to defend himself from Lullaby's ultimate sleep magic, leave him no choice but to surrender.

Cursed Cave Preview Screenshots
A deep underground cave, a creature of doom; Lullaby sealed within the dungeon. Rumor says that anyone who fought him will be cursed with Lullaby magic into their deep-eternal slumber.

My 1st concept of the terrain was more darker in color instead of little fiery orange. As it's name, each of miserable tree which you can found around the dungeon is possesed by cursed demons which sealed within them. Sleep magic is a typical ability for every enemies around here.


  1. Sou do Brasil e amo cada mapa seu! Aguardo ansioso por esse.

  2. the project is still on going, also Lucy and Gray may be added as well due to peoples request. :)

  3. nice terrain O.O