Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mystogan [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

"A mysterious young man that comes from different world. He use his staff to cast a magic."
— Description

Mystogan is a playable character on Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic, a Fairy Tail fanmade Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game project which I create. Despite his reclusiveness, Mystogan is extremely loyal to Fairy Tail and its guild members and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it. He single-handedly took down all of Phantom Lord's sub-divisions during the guild war and directly confronted Laxus when the latter attempted to forcibly take control of the guild.

Character Information
Mystogan like the rest of the people in Edolas, he does not actually have innate magical abilities. Instead he employed several Magic Staves that allowed him to use magic abilities similar to an incredibly powerful mage.

Character Appearance
Being the Edolas counterpart of Jellal Fernandes, Mystogan is a young man whose most prominent features are his blue hair and a strange reddish marking/tattoo under and above his right eye, which he has had since his childhood.

Mystogan wears a dark blue cloak and his arms and legs are mostly covered in bandages. During his time with Fairy Tail, he wore a dark blue bandana with a silver forehead protector, and a green mask that obscured the bottom half of his face to hide his identity from his guildmates.

Character History
Mystogan's History
Mystogan, born under the name Jellal, was the son of Faust and the prince of Edolas. He was seriously injured at one point during his childhood, but was saved by Pantherlily, an Exceed. Though Pantherlily was exiled from Extalia for assisting a human, he and Jellal became close friends. Over time, Jellal grew discontent with his father's use of the interdimensional spell Anima to steal magic power from Earth Land, a world parallel to Edolas which had a limitless supply of magic with which Faust used to replenish the limited resources Edolas had. This, in turn, led Faust to use that magic power to conquer other regions in Edolas and expand his kingdom, growing increasingly mad with power. Hoping to end his father's senseless campaign, Jellal left Edolas through an Anima portal and entered Earth Land in the year X777 (Earth Land time), traveling the land under the name Mystogan in search of more portals to close them.

During his travels, Mystogan encountered a young girl named Wendy, who had been abandoned by her guardian, the Sky Dragon Grandeeney (or Grandine). He traveled aimlessly together with Wendy for about a month (using his real name "Jellal") when he suddenly sensed the presence of Anima. Thinking it would be unsafe to let Wendy travel with her any further, he placed her under the care of Roubaul, an old man who was living nearby, telling her he would leave her in a guild. Soon after, Mystogan suppressed Anima and eventually joined the Fairy Tail guild. Aware that there was a counterpart of himself in Earth Land, he remained distant from the other guild members and covered much of his face behind a mask to keep his identity a secret, particularly from Erza Scarlet, who had a troubled past with the Jellal from Earth Land.

Main Abilities
• Move 1 - Sleep Magic
Mystogan cast an extremely powerful sleep magic, turn enemies in target area of effect to sleep. Target can be awakened by attacking it.

• Move 2 - Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water
Mystogan uses his magic stave to cast three magic circles that can reflect a single taget magic back to the caster.

• Hyper Mode - Mist Body
Transform Mystogan body into mist that can move around freely at high speed, negating both physical and magical attacks. Temporary Increase Mystogan's movement speed rate by 20%, attack speed rate by 50% and also has a low chance to automatically block enemy melee attack when on Hyper Mode state.

• Hyper Strike - Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song
Only available when Hyper Mode is activated. Mystogan ceates several magic circles covered in runes above his enemy, which release a concentrated beam of magical energy that damages the enemy. Dealing Mystogan's maximum MP as a damage to single target enemy.

Exclusive Additional Abilities
• Additional Ability 1 - Matenro
Cast an illusion to a single target enemy, bidding the target with illusionary chains. While on effect, enemy unable to move but still able to cast their magic.

• Additional Ability 2 - Edolas Magic Recovery
Obtained at level 10. Passively increase Mystogan's MP regeneration rate by 2%.

• Additional Ability 3 - Anima
Obtained at level 40. Create a temporary magic shield to absorb any damage for a certain duration, any HP damage received will be switch to damage Mystogan's MP.

Mystogan Preview Screenshot

Mystogan's Mirror Water revision

Like Juvia, Mystogan Mist Body on his additional ability list can be useful since it's give a chance for Mystogan to evade physical damage when it's actived in the right time. Mirror Water also can be useful on the game to reflect back the magic that enemy use. Probably I'm gonna make a revision on his Move Set later and made them in more different way.
On 2nd revision, Mist Body is moved from his additional magic into his Hyper Mode, which boost his movement and attack speed, and also give him a low chance to block enemy physical attack. Sacred Song is also decided as his Hyper Strike due to suggestion which dealing damage to a single target enemy using Mystogan's maximum MP as a damage.

Model and Arts

— Mystogan Model Cover: Old and New

— Mystogan Brand New Model

— Mystogan Previous Alpha Stage Model and Title


  1. Hyper-mode Mist Form
    turn his body into mist which increases his evasion rate(evade normal and spell attack like the faceless void in dota) immense and
    version 1: every time he evade an attack he will teleport to the nearest enemy, priority have always heroes if they are in his range, and deal a fatal blow
    version 2: gains also critical hit beside his evasion

    Hyper Strike Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song
    Mystogan creates several Magic circles covered in runes above his enemy, which release a concentrated beam of Magical energy that damages the target and everything around him

    Hyper Strike Unnamed
    waves of purple-colored-energy appear from the ground and move to envelop the target
    the target suffers damage and will be banished(unable to attack or targeted) for 3sec

    1. my thought exactly, I've planned to add Misty Body (removing the one from his additional abilities) and Sacred Song as his Hyper Mode and Hyper Strike. thanks for the feedback. really appreciate it.

  2. How do i get a chance to play this amazing sounding game?

  3. i would prefer tower of babel / skyscraper for sleep magic

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