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Cana Alberona [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

"An alcohol holic young woman. She use magical cards, which can produce a variety of effects."
— Description

Cana Alberona is a playable character on Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic, a Fairy Tail fanmade Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game project which I create. Cana has a great love, bordering on addiction, for alcoholic drinks, so much that she is often seen drinking directly from a large beer barrel.

Character Information
Cana using Card Magic as her primary magic. A type of Holder Magic which revolves around the use of magical cards which can produce a variety of effects such as generating things. Cana's cards can be used for offense, with her fighting style having been described as "all-round": she can employ them as long-range weapons by throwing them at her enemies.

Character Appearance
Cana is a tall, slim young woman. She has long, wavy, flowing brown hair almost reaching down to her waist. She has large brown eyes with long eyelashes. She possesses a very voluptuous figure, with large breasts and curvy hips

Cana wore a white shirt revealing her abdomen and forearms, held closed by a band below her collar, which was decorated by a wavy blue motif and tied in a knot below her chest, which was exposed by the shirt and covered in a dark bikini top with white edges flanked by wavy, protruding hollowed trimmings. Her black, calves-long pants were held up by a tighter-fitting, pinkish purple belt adorned by red hearts and short-heeled sandals secured to her feet by many striped bands going up to her middle calves.

Character History
Cana's History
Cana has been in Fairy Tail for twelve years, often socializing with a young Gray Fullbuster, and having joined the guild before Natsu Dragneel or Erza Scarlet had joined. Lucy notes that among the guild members in their age group, Cana is the eldest and the most senior member of Fairy Tail.

As a very young girl, Cana came to Fairy Tail after the death of her mother to find her father, Gildarts Clive, who was a member of Fairy Tail. Though her mother had left Cana in the custody of Gildarts, he was unaware that he had a daughter and Cana became too intimidated to tell him that she was his daughter when she learned how great a Mage he was. Gildarts gave her little to no attention, even the brief times he was at the guild, and Cana joined the guild in hopes of some day working up the nerve to tell him that he was her father. However, as time went on, it became more difficult for Cana and she eventually decided that she would tell Gildarts the truth, when she was able to achieve the rank of S-Class. However, despite having the potential to become an S-Class Mage, she began to despair after failing the exam four times, surpassed even by Erza and Mirajane, both who had joined the guild after her.

Main Abilities
• Move 1 - Explosion
Cana spread five of her cards float before her in a curved line. This formation prompts a burst of flames to appear in her target's direction. Causing damage and burn effect on a single target enemy.

• Move 2 - Wind Edge
Cana pulls out two cards and combines them in her hand, generating an ascending air blast from the ground several meters away from her. Dealing damage to a multiple enemies in far line area of effect.

• Hyper Mode - Fortune Teller
Cana uses her ability to see into the future with her cards. Temporary increase Cana's evade rate by 40% when on Hyper Mode state.

• Hyper Strike - Lucky Seven
Only available when Hyper Mode is activated. Cana strike a single target enemy with her cards multiple times and blast the target with a pillar of fire from the ground as a finishing strike. Six first hit dealing damage based from 1/4 of Cana's MP and final strike hit is dealing damage based from 1/4 of Cana's maximum HP.

Exclusive Additional Abilities
• Additional Ability 1 - Card Barrier
Temporary block any incoming magic attack that target Cana for a certain duration, Cana unable to move when Card Barrier is active.

• Additional Ability 2 - Lady Luck
Obtained at level 10. Passively increase Cana's evasion rate by 3%.

• Additional Ability 3 - Resonance
Obtained at level 40. Dealing damage to a single enemy and silece the target, disabling the target from casting any magic for a certain duration.

Cana Preview Screenshot

Cana's Explosion revision

I may still gonna re-developing her later for a gameplay combo possibilities with her card magic effect. Since Cana is using card magic as her primary magic, probably I'm gonna make her magic based from tarot cards. Also still thinking about her Myper Mode and her Hyper Strike at the moment.
On 2nd revision, I made her Hyper Mode - Fortune Teller based from suggestion and suddenly got an idea about her Hyper Mode visually looks with 5 cards flying around her, as the name implies, it give Cana's temporary evade rate when she is on Hyper Mode state. I made her Hyper Strike as Lucky Seven out of random idea that poofed out in my head - which strike a single target enemies seven times.

Model and Arts

— Cana Model Cover: Old and New

— Cana Brand New Model

— Cana Previous Alpha Stage Model and Title

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  1. What About her Fairy Glitter as a Hyper Strike? can you do that or it will take a lot of work? anyway i love your work ^^.