Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspiring Figure (Past > Present)

Okay, Cana pic above is not the inspiring person that I want to talk about. But seriously, since it seems that I've always updating this blog only about projects progress update, I think I have to write something different than that sometimes. Okay, this time I'd love to write about few names on wc3 communities that was inspired me and (indirectly) making me become who I am today. Those amazing people are:

- CloudWolf: He was the first person that makes me realize it's possible to make such playable terrain with unlimited heigh in W.E by using W.E.U, which later SirDeeds told me that it's also possible to do it in normal W.E with a 'misc data' file placed on UI folder. Beside terraining, he is also an awesome map maker. You can check his map works Diablo III and Cataclysm AoS, you'll definitely love it!

- Zerox: This kindy and lovely women is the founder of former great wc3 site; WCU (which now the site is completely Rest in History due to 2nd admin decision to move the site and failed to attract people to go on new site). I think if Zerox wasn't ever make WCU back on 2008, I would never be interested on wc3 map making. I was accidentally found her site around 2010 when I was searching something about Dissidia and found Dissidia stuff and other resources for wc3 there (which I was awed since I've only seen wc3-ish stuff on Hive Workshop before). And that what motivates me to make my very first released map on wc3 called Dissidia Final Fantasy: Heroes of the Times. Fyi, she is married now and quit wc3.

- RTG and Judash: Both of them are my forever-respected animators. Their animations really is never get old from the very first day I've seen their animation works until what I can see today. And I think their works is also what was motivates me to start learning animating; which I've really love it at the very beginning and lost interest on a one or two month later since I've already get used to it. Reek words about "if you can animate, you can do whatever with your model" to Avarize was also indirectly motivates me to start animating as well and I imply them on my Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Line project since it's an SRPG Cinematic and I just love to make such extra animations for cinemetic purpose on it.

- Ddahe and cytwscyt: Both is a very good anime modeller back then, I really love their model works since it's pretty much professionally done. They both didn't speak english well so the only way to contact them was to speak in chinese and korean language. They was really my motivation to try on modelling stuff.

- An awesome and kindly guy that now is the founder of great wc3 site; CR. Like Ddahe and cytwscyt, he is also the one which inspire me to do model. I still remember it was 2010 when he was make Dabura from DBZ for his first model back when WCU still exist. Now he can make such a perfect 3d model in no time. I've simply learn the word "learn by doing" directly because of seeing the today version of He also own a modelling community called Lowpoly Workshop. I suggest you to go there if you want to start learn modelling.

I also would love to say a great thanks for peoples from past WCU and today CR communities, there are a lot of names that I can't mention one by one. I may never showing any of lovable expression and such, but I love you guys just as much.


  1. Thank you for your kindness dear. You'll always be one of us, whether you want it or not.

    I wish you all the best and hope we can chat often.

    1. my pleasure, I wish you all the best as well and I hope you can be a main actor in the future. ;p