Monday, August 6, 2012

Behold the Legendary Dark Wizard! [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Today, I've finally done developing Zeref for my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project (as a playable character, not a BOSS version one). As I was already stated before on my previous Zeref announcement post, Zeref will be one of the secret character on the game. I've decided that his Hyper Mode is his true-self awaken, becomes the cold ruthless red-eyed Zeref of legend and has complete control of his magic.

Zeref Hyper Mode: The Awakening

Magic Abilities: Black Arts
Zeref signature magic is called Black Arts, he was able to master all forms of Dark Magic at a very early age and brought countless demons to life. His magical strength is so enormous; in fact, that he cannot consciously control his own magic. Death Magic is Zeref's Black Arts of choice, his magic able to cut enemies HP by percentage. Beside Death Magic, I also include Living Magic on his main ability list which make him able to call randomly between Lullaby or Deliora in a short amount of time to attack his enemies in a large area of effect.

A predator of death is coming! Nobody but himself
Called upon Creature of Destruction, Deliora
Called upon Creature of Doom, Lullaby

Hyper Mode: The Awakening
In Hyper Mode, Zeref surrounded by a dark aura and his eyes turn into red. His Hyper Mode effects is increasing his magic power greatly and of course, make him able to cast his Hyper Strike: Death Pillar. By the way, I made that "awakening" version of expression face texture for his Hyper Mode is based from this image on wiki.

The Difference Looks Between Zeref Normal and Hyper Mode

I choose Death Pillar as his Hyper Strike since it's currently his strongest magic on the original anime that he use to kill Hades in an instant. In the game, I make Death Pillar effect as turning a single enemy HP into 1 (which does no effect on BOSS) instead of making it directly kill enemy like in anime does. And no, just because his Hyper Strike does no effect on BOSS, it doesn't mean it would be useless on BOSS. Death Pillar will dealing amount of damage automatically on BOSS instead of "miss".

The final move of Dark Arts magic: Death Pillar


  1. andrea cooolll ^_^ like the hyper mode .. and nice sfx andrea ...

    you rip it ?

  2. actually it's a custom made since I don't find the original one is attractive enough, so I made those effects for Zeref on my own version.