Thursday, August 2, 2012

Brand New Freed and Evergreen Preview [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

This time, I would like to show you guys a sneak peek of Freed and Evergreen new remake over version on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. I've change several of their main magics as well as their additional abilities from their previous version on alpha stage and improve the visual looks on their magic and abilities in the game. Oh yeah, Bickslow will also coming soon later and complete the remake over of Fairy Tail's one of the strongest team, Thunder God Tribe. In this update, I also would like to introduce you a new camera system which I'm working on and still experimenting on it.

Magic Abilities: Dark Ericture
Freed using Dark Ericture as his primary magic, allows him to write runes in the air, either with his sword or his own fingers. Such runes depending on what is written will have different effects. Dark Écriture comes in as an extremely useful form of magic with the runes being used ranging from offensive ones.

As a Dark Écriture user, Freed magics is mainly Dark. His Jutsu Shiki has a same use as a trap which can make enemies on target area of effect unable to move out from the Jutsu Shiki barrier for a certain duration whenever it's trigerred. Jutsu Shiki itself can only be set up to maximum of 2 at time. Dark Écriture: Darkness or Dark Écriture: Darkness is still on a choice for his Hyper Mode.

Magic Abilities: Fairy Magic
Evergreen using Fairy Magic as her primary magic, which allows her to produce a peculiar substance from her body, this being thin, light and shiny dust. The dust is shown to possess explosive properties with a relatively small amount of it being capable of producing fierce explosions at the user's will. Larger amounts of this dust Evergreen produces can be shaped into objects of various size, again usable for offense.

Evergreen magics is Light based Fairy Magic which can bombard and stun enemies on target area of effects. I make some visual improvisation of her magic so it doesn't looks like in the actual anime. As for her Hyper Mode, probably Stone Eyes is gonna be moved from her main magic into her Hyper Mode with a temporary effects slowing down enemies near her instead of turn them into stone.


  1. wowwww .. o_O it was coolll ..

    like the sfx .. btw you make it ?? you already animate the sfx andrea ??

  2. hmm was? lol thanks, some on evergreen are from ingame materials.