Friday, August 17, 2012

New Character Cover and 20 Characters Banner [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Okay, since it's been a while I didn't do any graphic art for the project, I've decided to make a new featured character cover and new banner for each of the 20 playable characters which has their own post page and already available on previous alpha stage on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project.

New Character Cover
Right, it's Totomaru! I choose to make the new cover featuring him because I personally like Totomaru and enjoy doing a revision make over of him back then, especially because he using a katana as his weapon which made me developing him in my own way of version. lol I'm using a quite red-ish colored flame on the cover to make him different with Natsu's fire, which is orange.

New Featured Character Cover: Totomaru

New Characters Banner
Since each of character banner that I was use on the project was so last year ago and somehow out of date, I've decided to make another version with various of fresh looks using the brand new models that I use on the project, as well as because I don't using the models that I was use on previous alpha stage anymore. I'm trying to make them different from one to another so it doesn't really looks like "repetitive" for each of the character on the banner. I really do enjoy making every single one of them. So here they are, the new 20 characters banner that I made for my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. Original size for each of the character banner is 800 x 210, enjoy!

Natsu, The Fire Dragon Slayer Character Banner
Erza, The Titania Character Banner
Gajeel, The Iron Dragon Slayer Character Banner
Juvia, The Lady Rain Character Banner
Wendy, The Sky Dragon Slayer Character Banner
Mirajane, The Demon Character Banner
Elfman, The Beast Character Banner
Cana, The Gambler Character Banner
Laxus, The Lightning Rampager Character Banner
Levy, The Solid Script Writer Character Banner
Freed, The Dark Rune Writer Character Banner
Evergreen, The Gorgon Fairy Character Banner
Bickslow, The Possesor Character Banner
Alzack, The Magic Gunman Character Banner
Bisca, The Requip Sniper Character Banner
Mystogan, The Edolas Prince Character Banner
Lyon, The Dynamic Ice Maker Character Banner
Sherry, The Pupetter Character Banner
Totomaru, The Flame Manipulator Character Banner
Erigor, The Reaper Character Banner