Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From An Ice, Comes A Creature! [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

And so after Totomaru, now I'm also complete a remake over version of Lyon on my Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic fanmade project. As you may already know, he is available as one of the playable character on the game. Since I've got quite alot of free time this week, I would be able to spend more time to updating the project as well as remaking characters from previous alpha stage. By the way, after thinking on some point, I have finally decided what kind of Hyper Mode and Hyper Strike that I should use on him.

Magic Abilities: Ice Make Magic
Lyon Ice Make magic able to create animal familiars made from ice. Since his magic element are based from ice, it has a chance to naturally able to cause freeze effect on enemies that targetted by his magic, the freeze effect making his target unable to move and cast magic for a certain duration. I'm choosing Ice Make: Ape and Ice Make: Snow Tiger as his main magic abilities of choice. His Iced Snow Tiger able to damage enemies on a line target of effect, while his Iced Ape able to slam, and give area of effect damage to targetted area.

Can you hear roar of the frozen one?
Strike of the frozen beast!

I named Lyon Hyper Mode as Sub-Zero Emperor based from his alias on Galuna Island Arc, when he was introduced for the 1st time as a villain who attempt to revive the demon Deliora in hopes of surpassing his teacher Ur (who gave up her life to freeze the demon indefinitely). When in Hyper Mode, Lyon gain extra MP Regen and able to slow down his enemies around him, causing shiver effect on them.

Lyon activating his Hyper Mode, Sub-Zero Emperor is coming!

Lyon Hyper Strike is Ice Make: Snow Dragon, which is summon a huge snow dragon from the ground to attack his enemies on targetted area. Dealing massive damage and freeze enemies on a large target area of effect. I choose snow dragon as his form of Hyper Strike since it's his most powerful looks of creature between his other form of Ice Make magic to pick as a finishing move.

Summoning a gigantic size Snow Dragon


  1. wow cool ^_^ btw you change all the texture ?? because prefer the first sreenshot that show ape.. the first texture is cool looks transparent

    1. yea, I change it with ingame texture. actually the previous one with transparent looks just make them quite vague since it's mixed up and looks similar with the blast effect.

    2. ohh i see ^_^ to save the size so you change it to ingame texture ?

  2. Hey, Andrea.. Shuff here,.. Just wanted to request that Ice Ape model.. and dont worry ill change the textures myself.. can you possible.. give it to me...?