Monday, November 14, 2011

Freed Justine [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

"A honor-bound man, when he feels indebted to someone, he will go out of his way to repay that debt, even if this goes against his own personal best interest."
— Description

Freed Justine is a playable character on Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic, a Fairy Tail fanmade Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game project which I create. Freed strongly believe in the rules imposed by his Jutsu Shiki magic and in the “game” resulting from their use, he was shown willing to brutally torture the one who broke such rules and “cheated”. Moreover, he would never break his own rules.

Character Information
Freed using Dark Ericture as his primary magic, allows him to write runes in the air, either with his sword or his own fingers. Such runes depending on what is written will have different effects. Dark Écriture comes in as an extremely useful form of magic with the runes being used ranging from offensive ones.

Character Appearance
Freed is a slim man of average height with very long, light-green hair, almost reaching down to his waist with long bangs framing his face and the right one covering the corresponding part of his face and eye. He also has a pair of thin strands jutting out backwards from the sides of his head, both taking on a lightning-like shape. His hair is gathered at the end and tied in a short ponytail.

The most distinctive piece of Freed’s outfit is his double-breasted coat, almost reaching down to his knees, which possesses a wide collar, large lighter-colored cuffs decorated by a darker line on the back part, and edges adorned by two, thin golden lines each. The buttons closing such coat are four; the coat itself has been shown in two different colors on different occasions, with these colors being red and black. Over it, around Freed’s waist, is a pair of buckled belts to which Freed’s sword is attached on his left hip and under it, he wears a simple, light-colored shirt with large cuffs and a mildly high collar. Freed’s attire is completed by a pair of loose light pants tucked inside simple boots, each sporting a line of small buttons on its outer side.

Character History
Freed's History
Before joining the Thunder God Tribe, Makarov asked Freed to supervise Laxus Dreyar in hopes of stopping him from doing anything wrong. Freed started to idolizes the S-Class Mage Laxus Dreyar ever since, being the founder and leader of his exclusive "bodyguards", the Thunder God Tribe. Initially, Freed saw Laxus as his only comrade, being willing to downplay every sign of affection other members of Fairy Tail showed towards him to march against the guild itself alongside Laxus. His admiration for the older guildmate is boundless, as evidenced by Freed's continuous, sincere praising of Laxus even for the most trivial matters, and by his will to follow the man's orders even when they go against his moral code. Before the Battle of Fairy Tail, Freed hadn't returned to the guild for half a year, and hadn't met any of the newer members such as Lucy Heartfilia. During Fairy Tail's battle with the Phantom Lord Guild, he was off in another town.

Main Abilities
• Move 1 - Dark Écriture: Pain
Writing runes on his opponents, Freed can inflict immense pain upon them. Dealing damage 5 times on target by 1/2 of Freed's agility point each hit.

• Move 2 - Dark Écriture: Reflect
Writing a rune in thin air, Freed can reflect any incoming projectile back at the attacker. Melee magic can't be reflected.

• Hyper Mode - Dark Écriture: Darkness
Freed writing runes on himself and turn into a demonic-like creature, grant him demonic powers and abilities. Temporary increase Freed's damage rate by 60% and movement speed rate by 20% when on Hyper Mode state.

• Hyper Strike - Dark Écriture: Death
Only available when Hyper Mode is activated. Cast a dark rune to a single target enemy to turn the target auto-death after 3 seconds. Target HP must be 1/3 of their maximum HP in order to activate the effect. Auto-death does no effect on BOSS.

Exclusive Additional Abilities
• Additional Ability 1 - Jutsu Shiki
Cast a trap rune on a target area, release a barrier when triggered and make anyone inside the rune unable to move out from targetted area of effect for a certain duration. Maximum number of rune to activate at the same time is 2.

• Additional Ability 2 - Rapier Cut
Obtained at level 10. Passively give Freed a chance to deal double damage each time he attack a target enemy.

• Additional Ability 3 - Judgement
Obtained at level 40. Cast a dark rune to a single target enemy and damage the target by 5% of enemy's maximum HP for 5 times. HP Cut effect does no effect on BOSS.

• Additional Ability 4 - Dark Écriture: Wings
Obtained at level 50. Writing runes on himself, Freed gains a pair of Magical wings composed of runes on his back. Temporary increase Freed's movement speed by 7% for a certain duration.

Freed Preview Screenshot

Freed gameplay is able to kill his enemy in more advance way instead of just a general damage dealer. Dark Écriture: Death can be useful for advance player to cut enemy with high HP. However, he is currently the only character who have teleportation magic on his additional ability list.
His Jutsu Shiki on his additional abilities has a same use as a trap which can make enemies on target area of effect unable to move out from the Jutsu Shiki barrier for a certain duration whenever it's trigerred. Dark Écriture: Darkness or Dark Écriture: Darkness is still on a choice for his Hyper Mode.

Model and Arts

— Freed Model Cover: Old and New

— Freed Brand New Model

— Freed Previous Alpha Stage Model and Title


  1. can you remove one of his ability and replace it with Dark Écriture: Darkness???

  2. Or add his Absolute Shadow form (the armored form when fighting the imagination lost magic guy from Grimoire Hearts)

    1. sure, I may make that as his Hyper Mode in the future. :)

  3. Hyper-Mode Dark Écriture: Darkness
    By writing runes on himself, the user turns into a dark-colored demonic-like creature with horns coming out of his head and left eye covered with some scales
    grants the user chaos damage and replaces the 1. and 2. move-spell with 2 others
    1. move darkness flare bomb
    creates a dark-sphere between his hands, the sphere has a small range but deals massive damage and pushes the enemy away
    2. move darkness breath
    creates a tornado of dark-magic, everyone near the tornado will be sucked in and pushed away

    1. thanks for the feedback again. alright, I'll use the Darkness one.