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Alzack Connell [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

"A Gunman Mage from the West, he is kind and determined individual who loves his comrades and is willing to risk his life to fight for them."
— Description

Alzack Connell is a playable character on Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic, a Fairy Tail fanmade Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game project which I create. Alzack is a kind and determined individual who loves his comrades and is willing to risk his life to fight for them. However, this very determination of him seems to disappear when it comes to Bisca Mulan, the girl he loves.

Character Information
Alzack using Guns Magic as his primary magic. Alzack's magic revolves around the use of his guns, which greatly resemble real-life revolvers. As the name implies, he loads them with magic bullets which never miss and which depending on their type can be used for a variety of purposes. Alzack has got two guns at his disposal, and he's sometimes seen employing them together to perform more powerful attacks.

Character Appearance
Alzack is a young man of average height with long black hair, which has a shade of dark purple to it and covers the right part of his face. His eyes are black as well, and the right one is always obscured by his hair.

As a man from the western country, Alzack's attire mirrors that of fictional cowboys. His outfit consists of a brown coat similar to a poncho with thin strips hanging from the edges covering most of his body, together with a shirt, with its sleeves rolled up, torn pants with strips similar to the ones on his coat hanging from their edges, held up by a studded belt with a skull-shaped buckle and simple shoes. He has a case on his right hip, attached to a belt, in which he usually keeps one of his guns and he also sports a ornament circling his left leg, consisting of a large leather belt, seemingly decorated by concentric circles in its widest part.

Main Abilities
• Move 1 - Tornado Shot
Alzack uses both of his guns, shooting two bullets at the opponent simultaneously. These generate two tornadoes in front of him, which rapidly merge into a single, larger one, which moves towards the enemy. Dealing damage and ignore the a single target defense. 2 Magic Bullet is needed in order to use this magic.

• Move 2 - Spark Shot
Alzack shoots multiple enemies at once with one of his guns, knocking back the target. Dealing damage and ignore a single target defense. 2 Magic Bullet is needed in order to use this magic.

• Hyper Mode - Gunslinger
Release the full potential of Alzack's magic gun. Temporary Increase Alzack's damage rate by 50% and has a 20% chance to deal double damage when on Hyper Mode state.

• Hyper Strike - Blast Bullet
Only available when Hyper Mode is activated. Alzack fires multiple fire bullets rapidly in large area from both of his guns. Stuns enemies in target area. Dealing area of effect damage to multiple enemies that ignore the target's defense, stun the target enemies for a certain duration. 4 Magic Bullet is needed in order to use this magic.

Exclusive Additional Abilities
• Additional Ability 1 - Phantasmal Bullet
Create a magical bullet that can be used to cast Alzack's main guns magic. Creating time is 5 seconds.

• Additional Ability 2 - Legshot
Shot straight to a target enemy leg using phantasmal bullet, reduce the target movement speed for a certain duration.

• Additional Ability 3 - Western Shooter
Obtained at level 10. Permanently give Alzack a chance to deal bonus damage to a single target enemy each time he attack.

• Additional Ability 4 - Double Shot
Obtained at level 40. Dealing damage 2 times to a single target enemy using phantasmal bullets, ignoring the target defense.

Alzack Preview Screenshot

Alzack is the first character who need a magical item in order to use his magic. Magic Bullet itself can be bought in a shop on every city, or a random drop from enemies. Eventhough his magic need a magical item in order to use it, in return, his magic can deal damage ignoring the target's defense. Recommended for battle with high defense enemy or PvP battle with other player who have high defense.
I include Phantasmal Bullet on his additional ability list so he doesn't always have to buy the magic bullet on shop in order to use his gun signature magic which require a magic bullet in order to be used.

Model and Arts

— Alzack Model Cover: Old and New

— Alzack Brand New Model

— Alzack Previous Alpha Stage Model and Title

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