Friday, November 4, 2011

Elfman [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

"An extremely tall, massive and heavily muscular man with tan skin who can transform himself into a powerful beast. He always uses the word "man" for showing his pride."
— Description

Elfman is a playable character on Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic, a Fairy Tail fanmade Multiplayer Open Role Playing Game project which I create.

Character Information
Elfman using Take Over Magic as his primary magic. He, alongside his sister Mirajane is known for the accomplished use of Take Over, a form of Magic which as the name implies, allows the user to take over the appearance and abilities of beings they really "know". The particular signature form he employs is called Beast Soul.

Character Appearance
Elfman is an extremely tall, massive and heavily muscular man with tan skin, who towers over most of his fellow guild members. His long white hair is kept styled upwards in long, wavy spikes, his dark eyes possess no visible eyebrows and his rectangular, elongated face has a stitched scar running down its right side, crossing his right eye.

Elfman usual outfit resembles that worn by fictional, Japanese high-school hooligans: it consists of a dark blue jacket with purplish blue inners, held closed on the front by a line of large buttons with similar buttons on the sleeves back and the zip located on the high collar left open. Elfman’s outfit is completed by loose pants matching his jacket, held up by a simple belt, and traditional Japanese geta sandals held in place by bands colored the same as his jacket’s inners.

Character History
Elfman's History
In his younger years, Elfman's parents died. He, along with his two siblings joined the Fairy Tail Guild. He was around 12 years old at the time. When he was younger, he was quiet, shy and kind. During this time, out of all his siblings, Elfman was the only one who couldn't do a Full-Body Take Over, something which depressed him greatly as he was supposed to "be a man". During this time, Elfman helped Natsu and Lisanna raise an egg they found.

In the year X782, Elfman was deeply scarred by an incident where his younger sister, Lisanna, was killed by him when she tried to stop his rampage after he attempted to use Beast Soul: Full-Body Take Over. During his rampage, Elfman hit Lisanna with great force, throwing her a great distance. It is said that due to this, Elfman's heart was locked shut, despite his use of the spell to protect his sisters.

Main Abilities
• Move 1 - Beast Arm: Reptile
Elfman transforms his arm into a reptile-looking beast, covered in scales and sporting sharp claws. Dealing damage to enemies around Elfman and knockback them.

• Move 2 - Beast Arm: Black Bull
Elfman transforms his arm into that of a large black beast, which is dark in color and sports prominent muscles. It increases Elfman's damage 3 times on a single hit.

• Hyper Mode - Take Over: Beast Soul
Allows Elfman to completely take over the appearance and abilities of a powerful, beastly creature known as “The Beast”. Temporary increase Elfman's damage rate greatly by 110% and reduce defense rate by 10% when on Hyper Mode state.

• Hyper Strike - Beast King Punch
Only available when Hyper Mode is activated. Elfman punches a single target enemy multiple times with a powerful blows, dealing damage based from 1/2 of Elfman's maximum HP on each hit. Temporary disabling a target enemy from casting any magic for a certain duration.

Exclusive Additional Abilities
• Additional Ability 1 - Power Boost
Enchant Elfman's right hand with tremendous power, temporary increase his damage for a certain duration.

• Additional Ability 2 - Beast's Rage
Obtained at level 10. Passively increse Elfman's attack speed rate by 3%.

• Additional Ability 3 - Punch of the Beast
Obtained at level 40. Dealing damage to a single target enemy and decrease their attack speed rate by 5% for a certain duration.

Elfman Preview Screenshot

Elfman magic speciality is transform his arm into various type of beast. I still haven't decide yet what kind of finishing move would fit on him. Power Boost on his Additional Ability list can be useful as a damage rate boost for him on solo-hunting.
On 2nd revision, I finally go with original move name for his Hyper Mode - Beast King Fist that dealing 1/4 of Elfman's HP damage on each hit and temporary disable any target enemy from casting any magic when hit by it. So sorry for another Take Over form suggestion, I'm not intend to include any new magic abilities after Tenrou Island arc.

Model and Arts

— Elfman Model Cover: Old and New

— Elfman Brand New Model

— Elfman Previous Alpha Stage Model and Title


  1. Beast Soul Mode Finishing Move:
    elfman dashes so fast forward that the oppenent is for a sec stunned and punches his oppenent so fast that his oppenent is unable to react

  2. these forms havent shown yet in the anime only in the manga and it is in the newest arc of fairy tail
    in a blink elfman dashes to the oppenent and attacks him with his razor-sharp claws, he cuts the oppenent open, the oppenent starts to bleed(interrupt the hp-reg for a period of time, freezes the cooldowns of the oppenent skills even when the skills are ready)
    forces all oppenents nearby to attack him, melee attacks will be thrown back with 100% of the dealt damage, with time passes the percentage will be reduced, this form also grants him spell resistance for a short period of time
    elfman take an oppenent an throws him to the targeted area where all enemies will suffer damage and will be stunned/slowed(not sure which one is better)
    elfman throws a giant punch which pierces through anything, units hit by this attack will suffer more damage from the next attacks

    1. thanks for the suggestion. I actualy didn't plan to include abilities from time skip. but I probably could improve and use your were tiger effet suggestion as his hyper strike.

  3. send me an e-mail if you dont like the ideas