Monday, May 30, 2011

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage 2

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage 2 is a multiplayer Role Playing Game (RPG) version from the previous release Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage. This contains a game storyline, new terrains, some new gameplay on characters, new systems and stuff.

Playable Characters
This time player can only play as Warriors of Cosmos, Warriors of Chaos will be the main enemy which you can found along your journey. In addition to the original, 5 new characters from Warriors of Cosmos have been included: Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy I, Onion Knight from Final Fantasy III, Bartz from Final Fantasy V, Tifa from Final Fantasy VII and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

Playable Characters From Previous Warriors Voyage

Firion Complete Information: Click Me!

Cecil Complete Information: Click Me!

Terra Complete Information: Click Me!

Cloud Complete Information: Click Me!

Squall Complete Information: Click Me!

Zidane Complete Information: Click Me!

Tidus Complete Information: Click Me!

New Characters

Warrior of Light Complete Information: Coming Soon!

Onion Knight Complete Information: Coming Soon!

Bartz Complete Information: Coming Soon!

Tifa Complete Information: Coming Soon!

Lightning Complete Information: Coming Soon!

Area Info
Most of the dungeon area in this game is based from final dungeon on Final Fantasy series itself. Interdimendional Rift is the only area which has 'special effect' to change phase each 5 minutes.

- Old Chaos Shrine: Located underwater makes Shrine of Chaos hard to find by ordinary traveller, A home of corrupted Cornelia's Dark Knight; Garland.

- Unknown Palace: An unknown palace on the space of times, ruled by Emperor Mateus.

- World of Darkness: A pleace where the void begin, surrounded by an aurora-like wall. Home of the Void Lady; Cloud of Darkness.

- Interdimensional Rift: A castle in the middle of sea. Home of the Warlock; Exdeath.

- Sealed Cave: A deep underground dungeon filled with glowing lava. Here lies a fearsome God's dragon; Shinryu.

- Edge of Discord: Final stage of the game, Player will found the God of Discord; Chaos on this area.

Phase Effect on Interdimensional Rift
Interdimensional Rift is the only area that can change phase every 5 minutes into darkest void which makes player can't see anything but black. However, each portals which you can find on Interdimensional Rift can teleport you far away to other area which you have ever visited before.

- Phase 1: Normal

- Phase 2: Darkness

- Phase 3: Void

Preview Screenshot


  1. is there any update about this project??

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