Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Squall Leonhart [Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage]

"A cold, taciturn youth who wields a gunblade, a weapon part sword, part gun."
— Description

Squall Leonhart is a playable character on Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage and Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage 2, a Final Fantasy fan-made ORPG and RPG which I create.

Character Information
Squall's fighting style is Relentless Revolver. A cold taciturn youth who wields a gunblade, a weapon part sword and part gun. He is a master of combos, able to chain together a myriad of attacks.

Character Appearance
Squall wears a black leather bomber jacket over a white shirt with black pants and white fur along the collar and top of his pants. He also bears his Griever pendant around his neck, with a Griever buckle on one of his belts. A small sash partially covers his right leg.

- Ability 1 - Thunder Barret [Q]:
Fires a stream of lightning that damage and stun enemies in line.
Additional Effect: Stun

- Ability 2 - Fated Circle [W]:
Swing Gunblade to surround self with orbs of energy horizontally, then detonate them. Damaging nearby enemies and stuns them.
Additional Effect: Stun, Knockback

- Ability 3 - Revolver Drive [E]:
Surround Gunblade in a red aura and charge forward. Gunblade in a red aura and charge forward. Can be steered, and can be lengthened for a long period of time by holding E.
Additional Effect: None

- Ability 4 - Solid Barrel [R]:
Makes Squall attack destroy MP per hit. The MP combusts, dealing damage to the attacked target.
Additional Effect: MP Damage

- Ability 5 - Beat Fang [T]:
Gives a chance for Squall to strikes opponents with three slashes and knock them around, then floats above them and stabs them repeatedly.
Additional Effect: Stun

Squall Leonhart Preview Screenshot

Wallpaper Art
Squall wallpaper art that I made for the project.

Squall from Final Fantasy VIII

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