Friday, April 29, 2011

Gabranth [Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage]

"A warrior who swears his life to those he trusts."
— Description

Gabranth is a secret playable character on Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage, a Final Fantasy fan-made ORPG which I create.

Character Information
Gabranth's fighting style is EXecutioner. An Archadian Judge in service to the Empire, he took on the guise of his twin brother Basch and killed King Raminas of the Kingdom of Dalmasca, disgracing Basch and ensuring Archadia's dominance of the region.

Character Appearance
Gabranth is a tall, muscular 36 year-old with short blond hair and hazel eyes. His original outfit is based on his original design in Final Fantasy XII. He wears gray and silver Judge's armor with a helmet with curved horns, and a black cape with the insignia of the Archadian Empire. Gabranth's weapon is a dual-bladed sword which he can freely disconnect at the hilt to wield as two separate weapons.

- Ability 1 - Guilt [Q]:
Charge forward, stunning opponent, then slice swords to create an explosion.
Additional Effect: Stun, Knockback

- Ability 2 - Hatred [W]:
Conjure a large sphere of energy around Gabranth and send out a shockwave to damage enemies around him.
Additional Effect: Stun, Knockback

- Ability 3 - Aero [E]:
Create a large cyclone that slowly spins forward. Causing damage to enemies in a line and has a chance to deal multiple damage.
Additional Effect: None

- Ability 4 - Enrage [R]:
Charge and increasing Gabranth's Damage, Defense and HP Regen for a certain duration.
Additional Effect: Rage

- Ability 5 - Vortex of Judgement [T]:
Give Gabranth a chance to spin around and deal 2 times normal damage.
Additional Effect: Critical

Gabranth Preview Screenshot

Wallpaper Art
Gabranth wallpaper art that I made for the project.

Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII

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