Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emperor Mateus [Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage]

"A callous monarch who views all as mere pawns in his attempts to rule over the world."
— Description

Emperor Mateus is a playable character on Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage, a Final Fantasy fan-made ORPG which I create.

Character Information
The Emperor is described as a Trap Master. He is a man capable of performing immensely powerful magic. With an iron fist, he will stop at nothing to achieve his objectives. As one of the higher-ranked villains, he plots with Ultimecia to take control of the world, rather than most of the other villains, who seek to destroy it. His desire to rule all in a war-torn world stands in opposition to his nemesis, Firion, and his dream of a world free of war and oppression.

Character Appearance
Emperor Mateus wears gold and purple armor decorated with small spikes, purple and white stripes, and demonic faces including one on his back obscured by his hair. His gauntlets sport extended claws. On his head sits a purple crown with a snake head emerging from it, and he has a purple cape and long blond hair.

- Ability 1 - Bombard [Q]:
Hit opponent with staff, knocking them back and planting mines on their chest that explode to launch them into the air. Dealing damage and ignore target's defense.
Additional Effect: Stun, Knockback

- Ability 2 - Thunder Crest [W]:
Form a circle of energy on the ground that draws in opponents, damaging and stunning them over a period of time.
Additional Effect: Stun

- Ability 3 - Starfall [E]:
Summon a barrage of fireballs around opponent before a meteor slams them to the ground.
Additional Effect: None

- Ability 4 - Flare [R]:
Summon 8 fire balls around opponent that converge upon them. Damage and stun the target enemy.
Additional Effect: Stun

- Ability 5 - Cyclone [T]:
Tosses a target enemy into the air, rendering it unable to move, attack or cast spells, and stopping others from attacking or casting on it.
Additional Effect: Bind

Emperor Mateus Preview Screenshot

Wallpaper Art
Emperor Mateus wallpaper art that I made for the project.

Emperor Mateus from Final Fantasy II

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