Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kuja [Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage]

"A sadistic, narcissistic silver-haired man of a delicate, epicene beauty."
— Description

Kuja is a playable character on Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage, a Final Fantasy fan-made ORPG which I create.

Character Information
Kuja is described as a Graceful Glider. With porcelain skin and long, silver hair, he has an elegant appearance. However, this beauty is strictly external -- Kuja is cruel, assertive, narcissistic, and extremely envious of his rival, Zidane.

Character Appearance
Kuja wears a deep purple jacket held closed by a silver band, with white sleeves and gold lining. His legs are covered in the back by a white skirt-like piece held in place by four straps connected to a codpiece. From the thighs down, Kuja wears purple leggings and pointed boots. His hair is more silver than lavender as it was in Final Fantasy IX, and retains the feather.

- Ability 1 - Burst Energy [Q]:
Causes chains to burst from the ground, immobilizing, disarming and damaging a target enemy temporarily.
Additional Effect: Bind

- Ability 2 - Strike Energy [W]:
Slings energy orbs at the opponent. If close to the opponent, Kuja then rises into the air striking with the orbs multiple times. If further away, Kuja creates three explosions around the opponent.
Additional Effect: Stun

- Ability 3 - Flare Star [E]:
Throw 6 sphere of holy magic forward that gains energy and explodes. Damage enemies in target area of effect.
Additional Effect: None

- Ability 4 - Snatch [R]:
Creates a swarm of holy orbs that drain the life energies of nearby enemy units. They store the life energy they drain from their victims and use it to replenish Kuja's HP when they return.
Additional Effect: Absorb

- Ability 5 - Ring Holy [T]:
Creates holy ring that covering Kuja. Damaging nearby enemies around him.
Additional Effect: None

Kuja Preview Screenshot

Wallpaper Art
Kuja wallpaper art that I made for the project.

Kuja from Final Fantasy IX

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