Monday, March 7, 2011

Ultimecia [Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage]

"A powerful sorceress possessing a deep-seated rage and the ability to control space and time."
— Description

Ultimecia is a playable character on Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage, a Final Fantasy fan-made ORPG which I create.

Character Information
In battle, Ultimecia is a Sorcerous Fusileer. She is a sorceress possessing the power to control time, her magical strength is immense, and she attacks with magically animated swords and arrows, in addition to wielding traditional spells.

Character Appearance
Ultimecia wears a revealing red gown with a plunging neckline tapered just below the navel. A black fur ruffle extends along the neckline and eventually merges with her wings. Her feet and hands bear violet talons, and she has long silver hair, some of which is pulled up into two "Horns" on either side of her hair. The hair in the horns has red tips.

- Ability 1 - Great Attractor [Q]:
Conjure a swarm of magical orbs that create a planet, then release to fire the orb forward. Damage and stun the target enemy.
Additional Effect: Stun

- Ability 2 - Knight's Arrow [W]:
Fire pairs of magic bolts in the air that travel up and rain down on the opponent. Damage enemies in the area of effect multiple times and stun them.
Additional Effect: Stun

- Ability 3 - Apocalypse [E]:
Send out a field of energy that straight forward. Causing damage to enemies in a line and has a chance to deal multiple damage.
Additional Effect: None

- Ability 4 - Time Crush [R]:
Ultimecia cast a time magic at opponent to reduce their Attack Speed and Movement Speed for certain duration. Slow effect is stackable with Sorceress Aura.
Additional Effect: Slow

- Ability 5 - Sorceress Aura [T]:
Sorcery sign grow under Ultimecia's feet, slow enemies around her by using time magic. Slow effect is stackable with Time Crush.
Additional Effect: Slow

Ultimecia Preview Screenshot

Wallpaper Art
Ultimecia wallpaper art that I made for the project.

Ulimecia from Final Fantasy VIII

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