Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 2012 Announcement

Well, first I would like to apologize because it's been a while I didn't do any update on this blog. To be honest, I can't working much on the projects due to my limitation of free time recently.

Speaking of projects, I think if there isn't any obstacle, Dissidia Final Fantasy: Legend probably can be released on next month or 2 based on my free-time.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Legend Cover

Yes, it's a remake from Dissidia Final Fantasy: Warriors Voyage which I've started last year.

I've also got another news to tell, me and Banditger is currently working on a huge Digimon Project which called Digimon World: Unlimited. The project was inspired from famous Korean Digimon MMORPG game called Digimon Masters Online (DMO). So far I've done most of the terrain for the projects and some visual graphic stuff. The project is currently on Bandiger so he can work on the coding part.

Here is a little sneak peak of screenshots from Digimon World: Unlimited project for those who want to know more:

Black Gear Area
Desolate Ruins Area
Winter Dream Village Area

I'm trying to make a "bizarre" looks on terrain like a gears on a hill or a digitalized trees so it's more like a Digital World like in actual Digimon series.


  1. Semangat Andrea :D nice terrain

  2. Kalian ber2 orang2 indonesia yang hebat,,!!! Hhaha andai aq bisa menggambar ^^

  3. hey Andrea can u teach me how to add Duel arena system or just edit my map im having a hard time to figure it out

  4. heyy, andrea it will be about 5 months but the FF Legend game still not exist? do u working on it now, or rejected it please bring some info about it.we'r waiting with hopes ,)