Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kefka Appear! [Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Line]

"You even uglier than Ultimecia!"
— Kefka to Maleficent

Progress Update
Kefka appear on the Wonderland scenario with Maleficent! But it seems that they both not get along well. What is their intention? And does Kefka still have obsession with Esper Terra's destruction power? Stay tuned!

Personal Note
As well as Setzer and Terra from Final Fantasy VI, Kefka finally appear on Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Line. Since I don't place Queen of Hearts, Kefka will be the main villain on Wonderland scenario.

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  1. I'm surprised what you did on the picture. I'm still wondering what are you doing with this picture? You're not trying to make your own fanmade scene in kingdom hearts, are you? If you are, please do contact me on fb.
    Kenichi P Matsushita