Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Underworld [Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Line]

— Cloud in The Underworld when the 1st time you meet him.

The Underworld is a part of Olympus Coliseum, it's appear as an area on Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Line, a fan-made Kingdom Hearts Role Playing Game which I create.

A dwelling place of Hades. The Underworld can be accessed through the Coliseum Gates, it's entrance connects the living world to the world of the dead, as well as holding the world's Synthesis Shop run by a hologram Moogle, a save point, and the Underdrome where you can talk to Pain and Panic to gain access to the tournaments there.

The Underworld Preview Screenshot

Personal Comment
When I make The Underworld, I'm thinking about a black wasteland with a candles around. because I don't want to mimic 100% environment from the original Kingdom Hearts game. I think I'm gonna add some smokes and such to make the environment looks more 'dark'.

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