Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Angel Custom Remake [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

Hello beloved readers! This chance I'm gonna show you a custom remake of Angel that I've done when I was having a random idea of her looks with a long hair, long angelic skirt and 6 pairs of wings. And so I ended up making this one since I just couldn't resist to not making it. Anyway, That 4 caelum spheres around her was honestly inspired from a gundam. lol

I know that this one is now more likely an arc angel rather than a wizard. But hey, it's never wrong for having a celestial spirit wizard with angelic looks, isn't it?

Model Preview in Different Perspective

Featured Shot
And by the way, I've also did a featured shot of her. Retouched the shot on Photoshop CS 3 so I can as well make it as background.

The Arc Angel has Descent!


  1. whoaaa nice andrea .. long time not see this blog because holiday in another place with no internet but now i can see many update!! especially my favorite hero Angel ^o^

  2. Can you share costum model,andre?

    I am Indonesia

  3. i love angel :D she so hot