Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dragon Slayers 1st Generation [Fairy Tail: Battle of Magic]

I'm taking a break from developing characters from Oracion Seis guild for awhile and now revamping stuff from the old version of Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy. Trying to make them visually better, eye-candy with neat effects.

I don't know why but it seems that Dragon's Slayer is not a special magic anymore since recently there is several guys revealed to be the new generation of Dragon Slayer magic user, even those guys from Saber Tooth; Sting and Rogue is considered themselves as the dragon slayers 3rd generation, I hate them. But the 1st generation is definitely the best. However, these are test screenshots of the brand new Dragon's Roar looks for each of them:

Natsu's Fire Dragon's Roar
Wendy's Sky Dragon's Roar
Gajeel's Iron Dragon's Roar

New Feature
Keyboard Movement: As an extra feature on the game, now it's possible to move the characters via keyboard direction button instead of using mouse to move them.

I also remove the circle between character's leg to make the game more like a typical mmorpg and looks more realistic.


  1. hahah nice ^o^ gajeel's roar green ??

  2. lol. actually I'm making the roar color green to fit with his magic circle color. I'd recolor his roar into gray if you guys would prefer on it.

  3. ohh it's up to you andrea ^^ btw you already animate angel andrea ??

  4. ola... cuando terminas el proyecto... donde lo descargo se ve muy bueno

  5. Yeah you should put it gray, if it's not much trouble, cause... it would be better? and cooler I guess. By the way, Natsu's and Wendy's Roars look AWESOME!